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  1. Kole Tromp PhD says:

    Was looking for a new tablet to replace the old motorola xoom. Wanted something smaller as well. The xoom was a tank. Have a macbook, which I love. Read all the reviews of the top contenders and went for the Ipad mini with retina. Have to say, I hated it. Top notch build quality, quick start up, great screen. Hated the lack of widgets giving me instant info on weather, emails, etc. Then incoming gmail emails weren't getting notified. Guess Apple and google don't play nice together. And surprisingly enough I couldn't get the apps I wanted. Pretty shocked since all you hear about is Apples massive apps library. And I cant say Im a fan of the open one app, close it, open another, approach to Apples UI. Also, 4 finger swipe up to get to multi tasking? Really? Felt idiotic, and Im sure this could have been implemented better. Liked Siri. That was quite good. Anyway, ended up on the 2013 nexus 7 and couldn't be happier. Though the two have very different design approaches to the small tablet market. Wish the nexus 7 had the slightly larger screen, but on the plus side its easier to hold than the ipad. Wouldn't say the ipad mini with retina is a bad small tablet, just given the price, it should have been better. Best of luck in your small tablet purchases, whatever you choose.

  2. Dr. Hassie Hauck says:

    I am in the market for a new tablet. I am struggling deciding between an Android and an iPad Mini2. I am really not sure why Apple doesn't put SD card slots in the iPads. Maybe it's their way to get you to upgrade your tablet to a higher storage capacity, I don't know. Now Androids are much cheaper and still a lot bang for your buck. Though I find a lot of companies have apps geared towards Apple's iPad while having no Android equivalent app. I find it annoying that some new apps will only work with the newest version of iOS and NOT the previous 2 or 3 versions. And for Android, I find it troublesome that their OS varies so much between different devices. Many still come with old versions of Android and cannot be upgraded.

  3. Bennett Larson says:

    Sorry, but I don't think you gave the iPad mini a fair chance. I love mine, and iOS 7 provided easy switching between apps. You don't have to close and re-open apps now, and I have no problems with getting notifications. You can find lots of tips how to tweek iPad settings on the Web.

  4. Dr. Waylon Hermiston IV says:

    As someone with big fingertips, I can tell you that there's a big difference in tapping results within apps on a 7" screen, such the Nexus, vs. the 8" pads, such as the mini.

  5. Jocelyn Lehner says:

    I bought an iPad Mini 2 and I am very disappointed. I also own an iPad Air and noticed a distinct difference when playing Clash of Clans on both. The largest difference was that the lavender walls appeared washed out. I pulled up the same scenario on my iPad Air and the colors were rich and sharp. I then turned on my old iPad 4th gen which also has a retina screen and it's appearance mimicked the quality of my iPad Air. The mini 2 which also has the retina screen looked pretty bad. What gives? I have taken photos with them all next to each other and have posted them. What do you think? Is this how it is supposed to be? The difference is much more noticeable in person however according to the specs there should be no difference.

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