Sony Xperia XZ1 review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED Price TBC SONY XPERIA XZ1 REVIEW IFA 2017 means new gadgets and you can rely on Sony to bring a fair few to the party. This year is no exception and there are three new Xperia p…

Sony Xperia L1 review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $199.99 SONY XPERIA L1 REVIEW First announced in March 2017, the Xperia L1 has come to replace Sony’s now discontinued E series. Priced at a surprisingly cheap £169,…

Sony SRS-XB10

PROS Affordable. Solid audio performance with rich bass response and crisp highs. Water-resistant design. Built-in speakerphone. Can be linked with another SRS-XB10 to form stereo pair. CONS Can di…

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