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  1. Rowland Boehm II says:

    Looking at purchasing the Ipad Mini for my 9 year old son's birthday. Honest opinion please as to whether a 9 year old is really going to notice the difference between the Mini and the Mini 2. This will be his first Ipad. Thanks

  2. Ralph Walker says:

    this is the size

  3. Mrs. Name Rempel says:

    ahaha this last comment made me laugh!

    Techradar is now cupido VVV

  4. Dakota Wolf says:

    My business supplies some employees with iPads. They only get a 16gb version but its also locked down so they cannot load it with any media at all. As this area of consumer is a bulk buyer, it probably justifies the existence of the 16gb model. Not however the cost differences on storage.

  5. Prof. Landen Hirthe II says:


    Thanks for the spot – I partly blame Apple for using two so similar numbers – why couldn't it have just gone for 10- and -inch eh? :)

    A small part of the review is re-used from the larger iPad, which is down to the two devices being so similar on a software perspective. However, these sections are still re-written to take into account different methods of holding the device or the smaller screen reducing / enhancing certain effects.

    Thanks for the spot though, appreciated (and fixed).

  6. Rhea Runolfsson says:

    Well the price is not a considerably big deal here, especially when I got it at the official Apple store for 10% discount ($A332.10); maybe I'm just lucky. It is a great little thing to have around, although I do recommend the 32GB model since the storage gets filled very quickly.

  7. Miss Maye Johns Sr. says:

    What I'm more interested in is how big the difference between this and the iPad Air is, in performance and features, since they both use virtually the same hardware and components. It's likely the Mini 2 will be underclocked a bit, that's obvious, but at the same time, if it isn't underclocked and the differences are either zero or so small and barely noticeable, why bother getting the Air? Unless you really want the extra 1.8 inches of screen, I'd take the Mini 2.

    I do agree the 16GB option should be scrapped now; it's beginning to feel a tad tight nowadays when the apps have been increasing in quality and size over time.

  8. Ms. Kenna Wiza Jr. says:

    Bit of a lazy review… a good chunk was copied and pasted from the iPad air review, you even forgot to change 9.7 ins to 7.9 ins in one case… I expected better to be frank

  9. Prof. Waino McDermott Sr. says:

    I take slight umbrage with the idea that the Nexus and Fire are both possibly loss leader devices which make up for prince in content sales. Prior to those devices, quite a bit was made of Apple's similar content lock-in. It's not like they don't make money off people once the device is bought – their market is identical in many ways to that of Amazon. So, the higher retail of the device is on top of the extra money they, like Amazon, get for content.

    Just saying. I'm not sure it's the justification you say it is here (plus, obviously, as members of the public, we don't really care how much money the company loses with each device we buy). I mean, you could buy a Nexus 32GB with 4G and a second Nexus 16GB with Wifi, for the kids, for the price of an iPad mini with 4G. Loss leader or otherwise, is that really four star value for money..?

  10. Devan Johnson says:

    if apple does not make 32gb as minimal memory and offer accessories such as pc connect/ hdmi out bundles. its pity that they will loose to samsung..
    android has greatest advantage in two aspect..

    @ sd/ external memory support

    @ not requires i tunes/ any video convertors to watch any media/ video..

    apple needs to address to this need by offering an secure( only mac/ ipad can recognise and syn the device) attachable pen drive/ hard disk attachment with 320/500gb storage, which can be used to syn files from user pc and later can be connected to ipad to watch/ read/ store/ view MEDIA FILES.

  11. Tristian Turner says:

    Amazing product, the camera is fantastic and the battery has improved a bit. But if like
    me you were a bit shocked with the price here's a tip on how to get
    this item for basically a £5 and a little bit of work!

    All you need to do is go to www. the free scene .net (remove spaces) and sign up for the Ladbrokes or betfred

    Its all been proven by BBC Newsnight, CNN and Channel 5's Gadget Show and TQ Magazine

    This is how I got mine. I hope this helps someone!

  12. Hayley Rice says:


    I hear what you're saying – but I'd argue the opposite. There's almost nothing in performance terms (Geekbench results were pretty close) and in general use you couldn't tell the difference.

    However, the larger screen works well for iPad-only apps, and the smaller design of the Air means the Mini 2 isn't 'much more' portable… only slightly so.

    And when you consider the price is so close, and the battery life better, I'd say plump for the larger option. It feels nicer in the hand, and if you've got the space to carry it (neither are heavy) then go for that over the smaller and slightly more squeezed option.

  13. Emmalee Willms says:

    Best tablet I using currently, iPad mini 2, Lovely screen, best design. Thanks Apple. It's best tablet for reading, web browsing, watching images and video. Silver color is so much nice.

  14. Creola Farrell says:

    Any bets Apple will upgrade both the new iPads within 6 months with a touch id?? aka iPad 3 – iPad Retina

  15. Makenzie Erdman says:

    Get the season deal today. Get ipads at different optional prices for many models here:

  16. Maud Weber says:

    Time traveler here sir. Jumped 1 year forward 2014 and now they are launching the ipad mini 3!!! A revolutionary device with the same specs as the iPad mini 2 except this one has TOUCH ID wow!!! amazing technology. Aside from that nothing new.

  17. Halle Dooley says:

    I'm using my iPad mini 2 right now, and it rocks. Excellent review, overall.

  18. Eva Hudson says:

    Didn't buy ipad mini retina for the lack of slomo capability. Apple, I'm not that gullible. Fcuk you!

  19. Zoila Stracke says:

    i want to know where to buy a mini ipad from

  20. Prof. Ludie Hills says:

    Having handled and used both the Air and Mini this weekend i would argue that the Mini looks better and feels better in the hand and as a portable out and about device the Mini is superior to the Air.
    The Air does look better than previous full size iPads however the longer side bezels are still not quite Mini narrow.

  21. Marcos Gusikowski II says:


    They are being sold at close to cost, but that's not meant to come across as a negative – the exact opposite. Like you said, Apple is doing the same thing yet charging a premium for the hardware, doubly costing the consumer.

    Every company has a right to charge what it thinks it can sell at, but thanks to Google and Amazon offering a cheaper option with a similar level of performance, we docked the iPad Mini 2 half a star for not being great value for money.

    If Google and Amazon had followed the same pricing strategy and pushed out the Nexus and Kindle for £280, then Apple would be the clear leader in the tablet market. As it stands, we're really impressed that there's competition on price as well as quality.

    Hope that clarifies things!

  22. Dr. Jed Trantow says:

    Can I make a request for the full review please. Can you mention how the Mini 2's screen compares to the screens for the Nexus 7 (2013) and the LG G Pad 8.3?

    K thx bye.

  23. Stacey Anderson says:

    ipad is big I love the ipad2 like love plaese send me the ipad becuze I love it and I have a apps on my phone

  24. Miss Kari Altenwerth I says:

    Interestingly you criticise the iPhone 5s for not having any new screen tech since Retina first came out.

    Genuine question: is there any new screen tech on this device? I’m confounded the same tech would be criticised and praised at the same time on your reviews?

  25. Chloe Reichel says:

    I agree with you on that storage. Storage parts are not that expensive.
    Apple's tablets are now actually comparable to others that come with much lower price. If Apple decided to add storage and raise the price tag as it did, I don't think I would feel as ripped off. If Apple's tablets came with something really different or something more than others (i.e. touch ID – whether or not it's something everyone wants), I would be glad to buy a premium tablet.

    Apple DID have much better user interface, smoother ecosystem, etc.
    Android has almost caught up. Do something about it please.
    Others have caught up too closely for Apple to continue to boast they are outstandingly best of the best.

    Sony's products used to be the 'premium' products.
    Other caught up in terms of technology and design, but Sony kept their price tag high without doing much to stay on top of the competition. Is Sony now still the 'premium'? Not as much as it used to be.

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