Nvidia’s latest supercomputer is like ‘a datacenter in a box’


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  1. Bret Harris says:

    Otherwise known as 1 billion, no one does ye olde English million million anymore

  2. Prof. Norberto Price says:

    I spotted this too but the article is wrong by 1000 million. So you're factor of 10 million is wrong by a factor of 100, which is at least getting a lot closer to correct 😛
    170 teraflops = 170,000,000,000,000 flops.

  3. Dr. Dennis Runolfsson says:


  4. Judge Hackett says:

    LOL. I saw that one too and I was baffled that they didn't correct it…I think my phone can wallop the 170kFLOPS…ROFL

    What is going to be really interesting is when the Pascal architecture makes it into consumer grade devices. Maybe some of us will be able to afford to get into VR without giving an arm or a leg or both…

  5. Alta Strosin says:

    "…170 teraflops – that's 170,000 floating point ops/s

    Ummm….wrong by a factor of 10 million…

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