Buying Guide: 10 of the best gaming PCs you can buy in 2016


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  1. Justice Padberg says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  2. Mrs. Lue Altenwerth III says:

    I'm a little amazed.. December 2014 I upgraded most the parts in my pc.
    I got a Asus Strix GTX 980 running at 1475Mhz 24/7. i7-4790 moderate OC by the Asus mb to 4.5Ghz or so. 16Gb DDR3 and a Samsung Evo 500Gb SSD. This combo would still beat most of these if not all today. I'd probably have a hard time with #1 especially if they OC the gfx.

  3. Carmel Cronin says:

    One price listed. Is this an article or an ad? At least put a range and list some assumptions.

  4. Millie Metz says:

    Hmmm, Until Dawn looks pretty darn good on PS4. Anyway I built a 4K gaming PC and its now 1 year old on this exact day.

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