Kaby Lake Intel Core processor: 7th-gen CPU news, features and release date


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  1. andy goodall says:

    I’ll wait for Zen.. To be honest, I’ve found no reason to upgrade my FX-8350. It does everything I need and I’ve not noticed any slow downs. The only main benefit of one of these is the power draw.

  2. Gadgetman says:

    Cool they should mark down the 6th gens systems when these hit the market :)

  3. Dexless says:

    What socket whill have Cannonlake?

  4. NaotaChannel says:

    I JUST BOUGHT a 6600k. What is the deal with a new processor every 11 months? Is Kabylake going to make the 60fps I already get on Rise of the Tomb Raider any better? No?
    Then who needs it?

    1. spat55 says:

      Maybe me as I’m running a 3570k still, I’d like to get a 7700k in time for BF1 as I’m getting slight bottlenecks with my old CPU. I’m trying to hold out for Cannon Lake though and hoping to get a 6 core when they go mainstream with the i7, maybe Zen can force Intel’s hand.

      Forgot to add that I do have it overclocked to 4.3ghz, maybe I should delid.

    2. gtoscanini says:

      Some people don’t have a 6600k and may want or need to upgrade when this comes out. I think its more about staying ahead of the game tech wise and not giving amd a chance.

    3. RFE . says:

      People don’t tend to wait for the next big thing. They buy a laptop when they need one like going to university. Besides every bit of battery life is worth it to some people.

    4. Sebastian Jones says:

      Mostly laptop users. It will likely increase performance per watt slightly.

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