Xbox One opens up cross-network play to PS4 and other platforms


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  1. Hazle Rolfson IV says:

    Fable Legends is cancelled as of now.

  2. Mrs. Keira Marks MD says:

    That's not an FPS though…

  3. Jerry Breitenberg Sr. says:

    Did you miss the entire section that said that you would have a choice to play against gamers on other consoles or not?

  4. Christy Lemke says:

    I see that as the console players problem if they don't want to invest in a mouse/keyboard. It's the same as playing a racing game where someone is using a wheel, the other a game controller.. My concern would be that they some how dumb both online experiences down to the lowest common denominator

  5. August Cartwright says:

    I've never seen that as the argument, it's more that the input methods on a PC are potentially so much more precise; you can easily make tiny movements in any direction with a mouse as well as quickly move it a great distance, not to mention you can do so without taking fingers off buttons like you would have to on a controller.

  6. Dion Schowalter says:

    Horrible idea. I can see the PS/Xbox cross platform working, but mixing pc and console is bad. The whole idea of having a dedicated, sandboxed console is to not have to worry about hackers and performance based variances in cost and quality of system components. I see this as being more of a marketing ploy than anything else. There's no way you are going to see titles like Call of Duty go cross platform with PC. It would ruin the "even ground" skill based competition. Oh god, I just used the word "skill" as relates to a video game. Kill me now.

  7. Crawford Casper says:

    Could this mean Xbox can finally get War Thunder? Been waiting for ever to play that!

  8. Prof. Hosea Rempel MD says:

    So why not use a keyboard and mouse on a console?

  9. Waylon Kuvalis says:

    People severely overestimate their own abilities, and the precision of their gaming setup. I've had amazing ranked Dota matches using a laptop track pad. And terrible games with a super rig.

  10. Prof. Garrett Tillman III says:

    oh my

  11. Rhett Huels says:

    You're right! Sorry, not sure how I missed that! Looks like Rocket League will get first dibs… I like how they hinted at PS4 coming at a later date.

  12. Dejah Durgan says:

    For the same reason I use a gamepad on PC, convenience! Plus, whilst the consoles may support keybaord/mouse if the games don't it's not the same; a mouse movement of a certain distance would just equal the control stick being pushed all the way that way, anything further would do nothing from what I understand.

  13. Jovani Leffler says:

    I believe Fable Legends is going to be the first true cross-platform game between the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. I can't see competitive FPS like those going cross-platform between consoles and PCs like you said.

  14. Miss Natalie Treutel says:

    That was just one example. I'm talking with all games.

  15. Dr. Madelyn Hammes II says:

    Mouse and keyboard VS controller on FPS? Yeeeeeee… no (Although I guess you do have a choice to play against PC or not)

  16. Miss Savanna Weissnat I says:

    Dear General Public,


    THANKS :)

  17. Aaliyah Swift says:

    Let the console wars BEGIN!

  18. Mr. Rico Luettgen MD says:

    It will be interesting to see if they require a game pad on PC to "unlock" the cross-platform play… I can't see game developers wanting such a performance gap on their products ruining the gameplay.

    *edit: or vice-versa with mouse/keyboard on a console

  19. Coleman Dicki says:

    You can play with a keyboard and mouse on xbone and ps4.

  20. Carole Quigley says:

    Yea i dont see COD or any FPS AAA games doing this, just simple fact of cheaters ,and auto aim bots programs.. too many varibes on that end. And i play this on PC with high end graphics.. not much differance i can see..

  21. Tremayne DuBuque DVM says:

    I believe I just read Fable Legends is a NO GO.

  22. Dr. Retta Skiles says:

    Who cares what the devs want, actual consumers have been clamouring for it!

  23. Emilie Hansen says:

    It wouldn't be different then two unbalanced PCs in that respect but that's one of the advantages of consoles. You know your opponent isn't gaining an unfair advantage due to his hardware.

  24. Dr. Shawn Lueilwitz II says:

    How is this different from me having a PC running on 2x NVidia 980GTX's on 3-monitor surround with graphics on all extreme, playing against someone on a dual core machine with integrated graphics at 720p on the lowest settings possible?

  25. Aletha Hilpert says:

    Online games would have much longer lives if the matchmaking could pull from XBOX/PC/PS4.

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