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  1. Mr. Alexys Leannon PhD says:

    Quite Possibly mSATA, but these aren't upgrades they're builds.

  2. Mrs. Isabella Gutmann says:

    You are right, but I was thinking more of the 128GB/4GB SP4 at £849 compared to the 256GB/8GB SP4 at £1079 – £230. The SSDs are around £60 and £80, a £20 difference. 4GB to 8GB of RAM is only an increase of about £8. Where does the multiplier come from?
    To go from an i7 256GB to 512GB (we cannot get teh 1TB in the UK) costs £300. That might be an SSD cost of £50, as it rises from £80 to £130? So buying it fitted to a SP4 costs more than double.

    I'd read an article about SSD prices dropping and thought about my recent purchase compared to my old HDD purchases.
    The price hike just to put it in a box seems wrong.

  3. Niko Beier says:

    the price really need to come down so it can be more accessible. More than £700 for just core M3 and 4GB RAM?! That's pathetic

  4. Aletha Hartmann says:

    Agreed. I took a solid look at the base SP4, mostly because I'd LOVE to have the features of the Surface Pen for artwork. I just couldn't justify the price for those specs. Especially after adding the price of a type cover to it.

    Ended up with an Acer R14. Overall great blend of price, performance, and portability. Sure, I still have to use my graphics tablet for artwork, which is a step down from drawing directly on-screen, but it's worked for me this long … I can carry on with it just fine.

  5. Maximillian Parker says:

    The X2 Core m has no display output, but 2 USB ports, more RAM, more storage space, and higher clock speed, and costs around 1300 € with the included keyboard. The SP4 Core m has an additional camera for business usage, higher display resolution, can support two external displays, comes with a pen, and costs around 1300 € with Type Cover and additional 128 GB of SD card storage.

    I think you definitely get more bang for your bucks with the SP4.

  6. Tad Reilly says:

    Yes SSDs have come down but they are not at HDD levels. A 1TB Seagate HDD is $59 while a 1TB Samsung SSD is $319. Not even close to HDD levels. You can get a 250GB SSD for $79 then you wouldn't be comparing apples to apples.

  7. Brennon Rau PhD says:

    That remote access issue is kinda the reason I like to keep appliances and other devices as "dumb" as possible. Remote access refrigerators, stoves and HVAC systems are nice, but, hooking them up to the Internet, opens them up to hacking.

  8. John Bode says:

    You also get a gorgeous display, good cameras and battery life, full-featured connectivity, kickstand, magnesium housing …

  9. Emiliano Jacobi says:

    You do know they were not the only ones whom had issues with firmware issues with skylake, dell and many others who used the new skylake processors had issues. The only reason they are not mentioned is it was over shadowed by the surface, BUT clearly it was cross platform.

  10. Mr. Freddy Shanahan says:

    With SSD prices coming down to HDD level, there is no justification for the steep price increases through the range.

  11. Mr. Arnoldo Hahn PhD says:

    The amazing way of putting everything in this form factor naturally has it's price tag. And you get better after sales service than with most of the other manufacturers. Also Microsoft can't directly compete with it's hardware partners who are selling it's software.

    The Surface 3 with it's 1080p display and lower price tag is the more cost effective product, yet many will find it expensive compared to the other 10-inchers, but again the industrial design, features and support is far out better.

    Also I don't think there is a tablet out there with an included keyboard, except the HP Spectre maybe.

  12. Katrine Macejkovic III says:

    This article is worthless, nothing of reality here. No Surface 5 this year, no reason to. No new Intel processors to use so why redesign.

  13. Jaylen Mayer says:

    Asus UX305, Dell Inspiron 13, HP Pavillion X360, Lenovo Yoga 3 14" etc. They all give you a better bang for the buck with equal if not better battery. Resolution is not as good but 1920x1080p is more than enough for casual user. Much better CPU, GPU, more storage and more RAM for similar price. The only trade-off is that they are heavier (still in the sweet spot for portable at under 4 pounds). Btw, they all give you KEYBOARD and you don't have to pay £100 for one

  14. Vicente Wyman says:

    Display is not really important for casual user (1920x1080p is enough)
    Battery life is well under average 8 hours for portable devices
    Keyboard sold separately (£100?!)
    And the spec just simply does not live up to the price
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of this device and I'm amazed by how they can put everything in such a small device. However, battery life, keyboard and price make it less attractive and hinder its' potential..

  15. Jessie Kihn says:

    Indeed that is true, BUT as you just stated other brands ALSO suffered from the NEW skylake processors by Intel which caused their devices as well to suffer either errors, crashing and, poor battery. Which is understandable as both sides didn't expect such a clash with new hardware and thus updates have taken care of the majority of the issues.

    The real reason people are so uppity is due to the "premium" price tag which is also understandable as the prices are not subsidized by software companies bloatware.

    Hell if you wanted to talk about thoroughly vetting offerings take a look last year with Chrysler's brand vehicles and their "New" multimedia system which had a VERY dangerous security flaw that allowed remote users to take control of the the entire vehicle.

    In the end it was software issues which required updates to fix problems of new products hitting the market which in general factory testing parameters might not show.

  16. Mr. Abdullah Zboncak III says:

    While other brands experienced problems, Intel and Microsoft are the primary players behind the Windows based computers that were snake bitten. Intel provided the processors and Microsoft provided the OS.

    What is not known is are the problems due to Microsoft mistakes, Intel mistakes or some combination of the two.

    Microsoft needs to thoroughly vett new offerings before releasing to the marketplace especially if the products are to be marketed against and priced similarly to Apple's offerings. This would also apply to Windows Mobile devices as comments from users of Lumia 950 and 950XL phones, in general, question the premium price tags when WM10 is still a work in progress.

  17. Freda Heidenreich says:

    Despite not being in the market for a Surface Pro 5…I own a Surface 3 and a Surface Pro 3…Microsoft really needs to go the extra mile to ensure a repeat of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book firmware debacle never happens again.

  18. Ellie O'Kon V says:

    What option at better price level?

  19. Dr. Halle Nikolaus says:

    The Surface Pro 5 needs doubled battery life, replaceable battery or such service, available batteries for at least 5 years and a matte display or one with at most 2% reflectance. –robert jasiek

  20. Ila Considine says:

    Much grass! As I suspected the laptop is still the way to go.

  21. Viva Herman says:

    I see what you are saying. I wonder if some of that is because it is msata not sata. Besides that devices like a Surface are a pain to upgrade and thus a premium just like on a iPad/iPhone.

  22. Lina Schaden Sr. says:

    HP X2 has one included and it works just like surface pro but for a cheaper price. Things sometimes just so overprice

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