Lenovo Ideapad 510S review


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  1. MattMe says:

    Oh Lenovo. They seem like such bargains, however my regular, unfortunate experience with them says otherwise.
    Although I’ve not touched this particular model, I have been burnt too often with them, hardware failures, poor build quality, and more worrying their increasingly forceful bloatware/malware trickery has lost them any trust I did have.

    I advise people and colleagues not to purchase Lenovo, although it does pain me considering they seem like good value. It’s not worth it. I advise the same to anyone reading this.

    I’d be interested to hear whether the review attempted to uninstall any of the garbage Lenovo provided pre-installed.

  2. loraine.dennison says:

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  3. John C says:

    8/3 – Purchased a laptop from their website,
    8/3 – They Charged my card, even though site states they will not charge for it until item ships,
    8/15 – Expected to Ship on AUGUST 15th,
    8/22 – Expected Arrive on AUGUST 22nd,
    8/9 – I left a negative comment on their site about poor shipping process,
    8/10 – They have moderated and REMOVED the negative comment.
    8/10 – UPS shipping label has been created, but still not shipped.

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