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  1. Jack Smith says:

    I purchased an Echo on launch a couple of years ago and we received our Google Home (GH) about a week ago. The biggest difference is understanding and doing what you want.

    So I have a terrible memory for song, artist, etc. At times with the Echo I would have to do a quick Google search on my phone using a lyric or similar to get song name so I could tell the Echo.

    The plan is to put the Echo in the kitchen for ordering and then give each of my kids a Google Home for their room. Love encouraging curiosity about the world. The Google Home is the ultimate device to do this. Want to know how to say dog in French? What type of money is used in Haiti? You name it. This, IMO, is the big negative of the Echo. Great for ordering and music if you know the song name but I want more.

    The other thing I do not understand is some songs the Echo plays are not complete., They are like demo songs from the past to get you to buy a song.

    Google having both Play Music and YouTube you can listen to anything even rare songs. So if you want to listen to Gwen and Sting singing Message in a bottle no problem with the Home but no way with the Echo.

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