Apple’s wireless AirPods for iPhone 7 might be ridiculously expensive


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  1. jewgong says:

    hahahahh might be? seriously, might?

    come on appleradar you can do better than that!

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    LOL @ getting rid of the headphone jack. Apple must be desperate to lose further marketshare.

    1. CL says:

      I doubt it. They are shrewd. Kill two birds with one stone – 3.5mm jack AND bluetooth – if the rumours are true.
      Licensing for the two technologies gone and Apple sheeps are even more deeply tied to buying Apple-controlled products and accessories at inflated prices.

      1. TrickyDickie says:

        And they’ll praise Apple for it lol
        Bloody ridiculous.

  3. CL says:

    oh god! They’ve come out with the lightning to 3.5mm adapter. They alway find a way to get consumers to pay more than necessary for something that should come free as part of the main product.

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