Buying Guide: 10 best monitors and displays on the market 2016


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  1. Deion Mills says:

    Contrast ratio:100,000,000:1


  2. Ralph Steuber says:

    Good list. If you're looking for 144Hz monitors this guide is great.

  3. Bobby Davis says:

    I just bought an 23 inch Acer G-SYNC 3D VISION the monitor pairs up with Nvidia cards.. dang what a difference the monitor makes.. my 980 really performs now..

  4. Mckenna Cartwright says:

    You assume everyone wants monitors for gaming.

  5. Jaleel Wisoky says:

    no mention of win10? or touch. what is this? 2007?

  6. Joanie Beier says:

    please answer

  7. Miss Mabelle Howell says:

    I want to buy acer h257hu
    who has this monitor ??
    How is this for gaming ??
    i wanted to buy a 8-bit color LG TN monitor with 144hz but i love more quality and colors so decided to buy ips

  8. Emilia D'Amore says:

    I've been sitting 2 ft away from a 40" samsung 4K TV at my PC. I was using 3 22's set in SLI prior to this, and I would not go back to the multiple screen solution. The pixels on this 4k TV are super tiny. Everything looks twice as good in 4k. The TV's software automatically up converts signals. It even makes 720p look good. When you're this close to the screen and it looks that crisp at times you feel that you're looking at the real thing. And yeah I game on it. I tear people up. I can see more, and I have more surface area to get an accurate bead on you. Maybe I'm at a disadvantage with my response time because I'm playing on a television, but I wouldn't know. A millisecond is such a tiny duration of time, and it looks nice so I don't care.

  9. Heath Heathcote says:

    Are these the top monitors for people who never play a game or something? Who's gonna spend £500+ on a monitor if they don't game!? WHERE'S THE G-SYNC/FREESYNC AT?

  10. Dr. Gaylord Orn V says:

    Do you know anyone who has compared the LG 34UC97 with the Samsung S34E790C? I can find no useful comparison reviews, and I quite like this 'in between' resolution rather than jumping into full 4K.
    I just wondered why you picked the LG, as the Samsung's VA screen should give deeper blacks.
    Any information would be useful.

  11. Darryl Kuphal says:

    The Dell u2515h should be in this list.

  12. Anya Trantow says:

    They are good for office workers and those that maybe use an xbox on the monitor and want a way to route the audio.

  13. Petra Flatley says:

    Not disputing the quality of the Samsung 40", but 21ms latency is not astounding. In fact, it's really bad. 8ms is probably the minimum I'd consider "okay", and there are many 1ms monitors available.

  14. Ms. Mertie Runolfsson says:

    I agree. It's a fantastic display, 2560×1440, adjustable height, can rotate vertically, DisplayPort 1.2 for DaisyChaining…all for around £240.

  15. Stevie Wolff says:

    I got the LG 34UM95-C without the thunderbolt port for $500 on eBay. I got it at a Cyber Monday special.

  16. Ms. Chanelle Torphy says:

    One thing that never seems to get mentioned in these articles, but in my view is really important is to pick a screen with international standard VESA mountings so you can buy and fit one of the many monitor arms on the market. A monitor arm gives you easy height, swivel, angle and tilt adjustment as well as saving the space on your desk that the bog standard monitor stand supplied with the screen would take up. All monitor arms have “VESA heads” i.e. the plate where the monitor screen attaches by screws to the monitor arm. VESA is an international standard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… to enable monitor arms and brackets to be….well…. standard!

    Most screens up to 27" are either 75mm or 100mm VESA spacing- all standard monitor arms accommodate both these. Bigger TV’s have various other standard spacings designed for larger wall mounted brackets.

    Most monitor screens do have it but there has been a bit of a spate of screens from Samsung, Asus and others without them recently so it pays to check.

    Since I started using an arm I would never go back – they last for ever and are a fairly small investment – particularly important if you are a twin screen guy like me to get their relative positions nice.

  17. Walter Morissette says:

    Uninteresting – Give us an 40-48" – 4K 60hz 4:4:4, DP1.2/HDMI 2.0, arced monitor. Then we truley could explore true 4k desktop real estate. Before this monitors comes as IPS or same quality I would have to wait.

  18. Fabian Crooks says:

    Worst list i've ever seen.

  19. Dr. Enrique Hackett says:

    CRT tubes still are better in terms of picture quality than LCD-LEDs. Now if there was a 3840×2160 CRT display, that would be drop dead gorgeous.

  20. Hobart Spinka says:

    Some of the comments here are two years old. All they seem to do is change the year in the title of the article to get more clicks.

  21. Nathanial Wilderman says:

    28 inches and 4k just do not mix well. Since I've been using a 30 inch IPs 2560 x 1600 the last 5 years its hard to go backwards in size. Yet so far the 4K monitors over 30 inches aren't so great for gaming. So looking into 40 inch monitors from Phillips or Seiki Pro.

  22. Genevieve Kozey says:

    What makes a good monitor? I understand the simple specifications such as resolutions, types of LCD, response time.. etc.. but I want to know what makes the visual, real word differences between two monitors with almost identical specs but with a big price difference? for example, I found that my outdated, mid-end HP 2510i way better than my brand new low-end BenQ RL2455HM monitor..

  23. Dr. Raven Welch II says:

    Does these gaming monitors also have a webcam bulit in? I have a LG
    2MP55 21,5'' 1080P(2014 mid range 1080p monitors) but n the future when
    economics bexome better i will consider bying a gaming one. But i would
    prefer one with webcam included so i can use skype to talk with people
    instead of connecting a

    I use my pc mainly for gaming i play all fps, tps,action rpg fighters platformers evrything that comes evry month on pc that is in these genres mentinoned.

  24. River Littel says:

    Looking for TVs sold like monitors. Cheap TVs.

  25. Allan Connelly Jr. says:

    My Asus VG248 Full HD 24 inch and 144hz 1ms 3D Vision Nvidia. Is the best monitor

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