NEC EX341R-BK: Curved 21:9 aspect ratio 34″ ultrawide display


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  1. Keith Moreau says:

    I have the LG version. I actually like it a lot and closer I think is better for a curved monitor. I actually makes those farthest corners from you a little closer and more perpendicular to your eyes. Also as another commenter mentioned you can have a lot of real estate for your NLE’s timeline which comes in handy. I have this one and a 27″ UHD to the right of it for the viewer. Works well! Could use even more screen real estate though LOL!

  2. Bill Gilbride says:

    I have the HP variant, which comes with a remote and vertical twin speakers. They all come from the same raw panel, with each manufacturer putting their spin to it. HP did not sell many and have ceased production, from what I understand. Irregardless, the wide screen IS a good solution.

  3. biddy Macp says:

    I have a flat ultra wide and as someone less likely to delve in to multiple screen setups it has been amazing for productivity and uni work. To be honest if the definition is high ,and you have the rig to support it, then bigger is better. Presumably the screen swivels reducing the need to buy a piano stool and slide along it to find the start menu.

  4. sirnate54 says:

    No Freesync? Okay then moving on.

  5. jordan ramage says:

    Solid review. Though I will say curved screens are better the closer and more centered you are. I don’t understand the appeal of a curved 55 inch from 8 feet away, the appeal of the curve is immersion, for a tv it just makes viewing angles turn to garbage

  6. SMD79 says:

    I use a smaller ultrawide display below my main display for editing. It’s the perfect fit for your timeline! The rest of Premiere resides in my bigger 4k display above. Only thing is that i don’t know if ultrawide displays play nicely with Premiere because ever since I started using one (PC with Gtx 970 gpu) I’ve had odd display issues. There’s a workaround I have to do that foxes the issue. Takes only 1 minute to fix but it’s still annoying to have to do every time I restart my computer. Never got an answer on the forums as to why it’s happening. But outside that, I love it as it’s a perfect fit for the timeline.

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