Interview: Palmer Luckey is already thinking about Oculus Rift 2


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  1. Adelbert Gutmann says:

    I think the next big improvement I can think of would be.. Well, we have curved screens now, if they could get a curved OLED display for each eye, so that the curved edge mirrors how peripheral vision works, I think that could be brilliant.

    I say OLED because the fact each pixel counts as a lighting zone is really important when the screen is that close to your eyes.

    The only other major improvements I can think of personally would be wireless HDMI, but that comes with its own issues as you really need to have as little latency as possible, and probably an API update so that crossfire / sli work with the rift. Honestly this situation feels almost like what the SLi interface was intended for, rather than needing one super powered card to render for two screens, you could then get away with two mid range cards, one rendering for each screen.

  2. Chyna Christiansen says:

    Biggest improvement to work on? Improve the fit for us spectacle wearers. From pre launch use, the PS VR is a much better fit with glasses than the Rift.

  3. Seamus Dickens says:

    Least insightful interview I've read for a long time. Luckey is really not very engaging, is he?

  4. Sam Braun says:

    i am interested in higher resolution and wide field of view cause i have used gear vr and the main problem is resolution and field of view that make u dizzy in 15 minute. if u can see Chrystal clear video oh man you are in new world of documentary,games,and traveling. you feel it like you are in that documentary and watching everything that happen there in front of it

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