In depth: 8 uses for your old Windows XP PC


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  1. Erica Simonis says:

    You forgot Vista. Vista is a good OS too.

  2. Chaim Zboncak says:

    Use it, the risks are the same as always were…with some. Antivirus as 360 Safe…never a blue screen in 9 years

  3. Damaris Feeney says:

    Or just keep using it as there's nothing wrong with it maybe???

    1)Upgrade the O/S and make it slower or even barely useable
    2)Give it away?
    3)Switch to an O/S that you are completely unfamiliar with that runs none of your software that you already own
    4)How many people are going to know how to configure THAT if they need such basic suggestions on what to do with an old pc
    5)FINALLY a reasonable suggestion!
    6)A VERY good idea!
    7)Ok…. let's just say the first four are ridiculous and the rest are excellent!

    Thank you for the Joli OS idea, I am going to look into that now. And the gaming server idea is also GOOD! :)

  4. Vinnie Dare says:

    You assume there's nothing wrong, but not receiving hotfixes and security patches is worse than your little skriddie brain can comprehend.

  5. Ignatius Windler says:

    Agreed, Vista was excellent in terms of patches, not much else though. Frankly Aero was just as ugly in 7 as it was in Vista. It didn't do much of a service for Microsoft that's for sure.

  6. Dr. Rasheed Ritchie DDS says:

    After spending a few minutes looking into JoliOS I found that it was discontinued at the end of last year. Lots of people that wrote about trying it out reported it felt unfinished and wasn't all that fast in use. What about Peppermint? I'm currently trying out peppermint 3 (4 dropped support for my ancient graphics card) on an old laptop and I'm quite impressed. It boots quickly, works well on cloud applications in Chromium but also allows you to install desktop applications from a well stocked built in store.

  7. Miss Autumn Zieme says:

    Vista is a good OS like the Hindenburg was a safe method of transport.

  8. Nathen Green I says:

    Are you stupid or are u stupid

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