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  1. Prof. Rosalind Murphy III says:

    As far as productivity apps go, Tasktime is great. You tell it all the tasks you need to get done and it magically sorts them in to the best working order. Pretty cool.


  2. Britney Dickinson MD says:

    Uber die

  3. Mrs. Lyda Grady PhD says:

    Of the 75, only 11 are ones I'd have ANY use for.

    That's the danger of using words like 'best' without qualification…

  4. Davin Christiansen says:

    Try SHOP London, a great little app that shows you the best places in London for tax-free shopping and eating out. Good for the fashion-conscious

  5. Johan Conroy says:

    Hi, very interesting road map of iPad Apps but i use my iPad at work and Evernote is a mandatory app but to take note and follow-up your tasks, team, and project i use Beesy for iPad : http://www.beesapps.com/iPad-M
    It is targeted towards business professionals who have the need to manage their teams, projects and their own To-Do list in a single app.

  6. Bette Lebsack DVM says:

    One app that I think should have been in the list is:

    Email for Business

  7. Albertha Brekke says:

    Try Extra Mile HD for iPad – A beautiful voice guided navigation app with speedometer, mileage tracker and reports

  8. Amina Huels V says:

    As of right now – Sketchpad Pro is FREE. (I literally just downloaded it three minutes ago).

  9. Ms. Maryjane Bergnaum Jr. says:

    I use NotesDeck for notes!!! My notes show up on all my devices instantly (iPad, Mac and iPhone). NotesDeck syncs with Evernote and Dropbox so all my old notes from other apps are already in it.

    It's much cleaner than that yellow Notes app. Much more professional. —> http://www.notesdeck.com

  10. Prof. Johan Jones Sr. says:

    I have reference of an app in productivity category. Files-finder edition is complete file manager or file explorer app having functionality of document sharing, viewing and files transfer via several secure methods.

  11. Seth Luettgen says:

    App Suggestion : Pixies Fun with Photos!
    download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap

  12. Erwin Parisian says:

    Go Home Dinosaurs! For IPad.

  13. Elva Jacobs says:

    Try this, the one of the best interactive books: https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap

  14. Liliana Weissnat says:

    Another suggestion for the productivity list: Easy Annotate.
    I use it and love it. in my opinion, it's the best pdf editor for iPad
    i'm biased, but you can get it here: http://appstore.com/easyannota

  15. Celia Renner says:

    Great list. If you´re looking for an educational app for kids then I would recommend the new app Heidi Alpine Adventure. Our kids who are 2 and 4 are crazy about it. It is full of fun games and there are no in app purchases. Check it out on iTunes and Google Play.

  16. Genesis Rosenbaum says:

    Similar to this App I also like Film Today News App


    This App is well rated on the AppStore and is a great one-stop App for real-time news and analysis on U.S. Politics.
    Film Today pulls studio and distro news, film announcements, festival announcements and longer articles from the trades, journalists, studios and bloggers who publish across the Web. The App continuously monitors and adjusts online source lists to include new writers and publications as well as opinion leaders of note.The App's user interface is beautiful and makes it easy to read articles and video on the iPad, simple and efficient. This is a great App for collecting and reading all this content into one place. It is the only good professional Film Industry related App on the iTunes Store.
    It’s part of a series, all their Apps are on http://www.algoryt.hm

  17. Isabelle Christiansen says:

    Check out Splash Math – fun apps to entertain and educate you child.


  18. Tad Stroman DVM says:

    try moovu, its na awesome app to store your videos and it also gives you notifications whenever a new video comes up which is to your taste

  19. Serena Reynolds says:

    Hi all! I would suggest to take a look at iDailyPlan. It's fantastic and full of functionalities… Cash flow, Planning with Calendar, Tasks and a lot of things fundamental for business. I found it here http://goo.gl/wtn00


  20. Hilton Connelly says:

    awesome list
    DevBatch is the most experienced app development company, They developed 100+ apps last year and provide enterprise mobility solutions to many industries. You must know about them before hiring any app development company

  21. Dr. Annabelle Kuhn PhD says:

    I bought about a third of these apps and my new iBackFlip somersault iPad case with my Christmas money this year! WOO HOO!

  22. Alverta Brakus says:

    You're missing Presentation Note – you can load your ppt and pdf files in it easily and present directly from the iPad with the built in tools like whiteboard, laser pointer, timer, speakers notes.
    Here's a link to the free version:

  23. Paxton Shanahan says:

    über die Notiz App finde ich Evernote ganz gut aber ich würde Beesy in der Liste hinzufügen, als ein auf der besten iPad Apps. Ich benutze diese App jeden Tag für mein Arbeit, sondern auch fur mein Privatsleben. und ich kann mit diese all-in-one App meine Notizen machen, organisieren je nach meine Projekte, mein Team und To-Do verwalten. ein ganz gut Arbeitstool

  24. Alison Moen says:

    Another App which is missing in that list is Anoc. It's an Octave (Matlab clone) editor which lets you execute code on a dedicated server and visualize the result in a graphic or plot:

    You can find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap

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