50 best iPhone games 2016


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  1. Deborah Thompson says:

    I really liked helix. Im kind of surprised that candy crush and hungry bunnies 3d weren t included in those lists.

  2. Ola Emmerich says:

    Really? 61 individual pages to work thru for your list? Wow. Pass.

  3. Giovanny Denesik V says:

    where the hell is infinity blade, all three, they are by far the best games in the App Store, graphically, gameplay wise( my opinion), and story wise, none of these games even touch on a good app compared, and if u haven't played it, look it up and play it, it may be 2-5 dollars but it's worth it, I have put 200+ hrs in the second one alone, I say there worth there price and I payed $5 per game and it's the best money I have ever spent in the app store

  4. Shayne Stracke says:

    Solid game titles! For any app developers looking to drive additional installs to your app, Motive Interactive can help grow your app to the next level! We can acquire users on a CPI model. Email me at trinh@motiveinteractive.com and let's discuss :).

  5. Prof. Hiram Turcotte DVM says:

    These games look awesome. I played the first Zen Bound but the second one looks even better.

  6. Xander Upton says:

    Given it's World Cup time, have a go at Keepy Uppy World Cuppy as it's free. It's tough but 33 is my best score so far.

  7. Jaeden Cartwright says:

    I think Real Boxing 2 Creed should be at least in the TOP 3 of the most impressive iOS games in 2015. It is such a time waster :)

  8. Dorcas Mosciski says:

    candy crush sucks ass

  9. Felton Osinski Jr. says:

    Great list and an honor to be added to the page 😀

  10. Cheyenne Jakubowski says:


  11. Melba Murazik says:

    Indeed, Horrible layouts on this site lol. Its like work just to see content.

  12. Korey Cremin says:

    Thanks for the great list! I haven't played most of these. Usually stick to Threes, Recall Tower and Ticket to Ride

  13. Kavon O'Kon says:

    Missing XCom EW & The great KOTOR

  14. Jennings Bernhard says:

    Good list! Missing a few though, there's a game called Bounce Bounce Bear which was released a little while back. Might be the most addictive iPhone experience since Flappy Bird – https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap

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