13 best VR games: best virtual reality games for PC and mobile


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  1. Dr. Nathaniel Mills says:

    Here's hoping these turn out great on VR:
    Reset (just got Greenlit on Steam):

  2. Dr. Hubert Robel DVM says:

    "VR requires approximately 3.5x the rendering power of 1080p 60FPS gaming due to the high resolutions, high refresh rate, and 3D requirement needed by the headset."

    Current gen consoles can't even run most modern AAA games at 1080p 60fps. VR games on consoles will be taking a very big step backwards in graphical fidelity simply because the hardware isn't up to the job.

  3. Laurianne Rodriguez says:

    Wow these are some 2014 level games techradar. Get with the times and show actual PC VR titles?

  4. Mrs. Lulu Mertz IV says:

    In his defense, he never said nor implied that consoles were more powerful.

  5. Charlotte Cassin says:

    Fun times ahead I hope!

  6. Cassandra Waelchi PhD says:

    are you joking the PS4 has limited power to push what is needed for VR

  7. Ida Marks says:

    VR is will best on PS4 guaranteed. PC will be OK. And VR on mobile is a joke…you're better off unclogging public toilets with your bare hands rather playing a VR game on a mobile device.

  8. Jonathon Lind says:

    To me the best VR games right now are "BlazeRush" and "Legend of Dungeon". Both full games with awesome VR support, working menus, and not a bunch of bugs like the other half baked attempts.

    Not to mention they look super awesome in VR. A complete game changer.

  9. Irving Sawayn says:

    Wasn't impressed with Distance. Very confusing track designs were more of a chore than a race.

  10. Lowell Miller says:

    So then "VR will best on PS4 guaranteed. PC will be OK. And VR on mobile is a joke", this means what? It doesn't imply its gonna be BEST ON PS4 / CONSOLES? PC is so so, and Mobile is crap out of the 3? Best on PS4, "OK" on pc, crap on mobile is the clear sentiment. PS4 is guaranteed best = PS4 will not outperform the other two. I'm not looking to argue I just felt like @Anthorx below me, strongly opposite to his (John Montemarano's) statement. PC has latest tech, hardware, resolutions, graphics etc etc, some truly amazing things can be done on pc way before consoles will upgrade to handle it. I think PS4 or consoles are the ok ones, and i completely disagree with mobile is a joke, mobile i'm doing some really cool things with or in my headset. I stream Vr pc games and 3D side by side films to my phone, all playing great, looking pretty well in there. I strongly disagree, I don't think is crap or "a joke" like he is clearly implying! (when he said mobile is a joke, he doesn't mean mobile is awesome lol). "you're better off unclogging public toilets" He is clearly saying it runs like crap on mobile. But i know for a fact its powerful enough to deliver some great experiences.I wouldn't come close to likening it to crap or toilets. Everything seems pretty clear to me including what he thinks is the better or more powerful system of the 3 systems. He right out puts them in order of best to crap, runs like crap toilet analogies etc but w.e.. lets agree to disagree.

  11. Reese Macejkovic says:

    I think it will do fine, its not like its pushing 4k at each eye, its 1080p etc. I hope for the best! I would love some great PS4 content. Still wont compare to PC possibilities but i really think or hope they will BOTH make some great content.

  12. Dr. Sadye Ziemann IV says:

    You clearly bought a 10$ phone or 20$ computer if you think consoles are the more powerful systems. Vr is BEAST, and best lol on PC because of the up to date hardware making consoles look like antiques only a year after or during release year even. Thats how soon they fall behind pc graphics and current standards. Even none vr / 3d games are usually way better on PC thanks to crazy high resolutions and graphics settings consoles could never support like the advanced aliasing, and lighting effects, many visual effects that would make consoles stutter. And they would stutter with the fancy stuff at HALF the resolution pc does with ease. I do have big hopes for Consoles gaming in the VR / 3D space dont get me wrong, but pc will always be the Benchmark.

    VR on mobiles devices is actually pretty great, again your limited knowledge of pc has limited your possibilities. I use TrinusVR on my phone with cardboard for VR, 3D / oculus replacement for first person / 3D PC gaming an its pretty amazing. Its basically having Oculus for your pc games but TODAY, and its a ton of fun, it works GREAT! No need to wait on oculus and no need to spend that much for great Vr and 3D on your phone connected(or wirelessly) to your computer. Also works well for your 3D blurays =) Assuming your pc can handle blu ray… And its ll thanks to your smart phone ! assuming you spend a little bit of money on a decent smartphone, stop being so cheap on the computer set up, get a decent phone, you are really missing out! You think the possibilities suck because you choose it to suck. Google can help you learn things, a lot of things, check it out and search VR, Cardboard, PC etc There is no excuse to be this ignorant, youtube alone has a ton of pc graphics videos and other videos related to your misinformation. Cheap AND lazy, a very sad combination, but worse still you talk crap about the things you don't even know about =/ .

  13. Mr. Keyon Frami says:

    You're an idiot.

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