WWDC 2016: Apple keynote date, news and rumors


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  1. Baby Keebler says:

    So tired of waiting for the MBP update, my mid 2010 15" is dying !

  2. Conner Torphy says:

    If they go portless (which I consider a single-port solution to be) then it'll be time to seriously consider another platform. Bad enough that Apple already wants us to carry around external devices if we want to burn discs or connect to wired networks; adding an external SD card reader or overloading the single port in order to connect to a printer or monitor would be completely unacceptable.

  3. Layla Kreiger says:

    Bring on a refreshed MacBook Pro PLEASE!!! Skylake, 32 GB, 2 TB SSD!!!!!!! But please don't dumb it down with the one port…power users need lots of ports!

  4. Brian Franecki says:

    4K screen please.

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