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  1. Luis Brakus says:

    Good choices. Let's add
    – The Silent Age
    – Mutants vs. The Chosen
    – The Wolf among US

  2. Albertha Raynor IV says:

    might be a good list but seriously 95 screens? no thanks.

  3. Meda Roob says:

    Funny timber – The adventure of crazy hero academy with chopper baby and tiny shooting man
    is also a good choice

  4. Ms. Lea King says:

    It's like someone just made a list of all the free games available and then you guys just picked them at random

  5. Dr. Marlon D'Amore Sr. says:

    I gotta be honest with you you sound like you're being paid to say that but yea theres just a simple ad block is what its called and it stops ads.

  6. Paxton Emard says:

    May I suggest Tesla Wars – II

  7. Turner Predovic says:

    fab but you've used the wrong picture for dumb ways to die :c that looks like a standard racing game!

  8. Nelle Bahringer says:

    Definitely worth checking out Sprinkler Dash. It's brand new, and it's awesome.

  9. Fiona Blanda DDS says:

    This game should be on here, but i agree with most of them.

  10. Idella Vandervort says:

    I hope you understand that you have missed A LOT of very good games, for example: Clash of Clans, or Boom Beach (Though I like CoC better). I'm not sure if you missed Hay Day, but if you did, ADD THEM IN. Don't be stupid and only put the games YOU LIKE, think of what EVERYONE LIKES.

  11. Dayna Kuhlman says:

    Always like to play game. Thanks for your article.

  12. Lelah Sporer says:

    Stop Go Tap Is My Favorite New Game!

  13. Pattie Gleason says:

    Try Bioshock or Protonium, great iphone games!

  14. Gail Powlowski PhD says:

    Some of them I've downloaded and I really liked. I am playing The Foundry with 100 Balls, but I love to have an alternative. Great list

  15. Ruthe Glover says:

    1. Timberman

    2. Tap It While It's Hot

    3. No One Dies

    4. Crazy Taxi

    5. Kickerinho

  16. Horacio Keebler says:

    Everyone should try Brave Trials, an Action RPG game, originally on Android, now on IOS. Great fair, free-to-play game, just about everything is accessable to low-paying or free players. Been playing it for 3 months now, and only spent $2 (I wanted to donate) haven't hit a paywall yet, the game is very generous on giving out gems too.

  17. Murphy Erdman says:

    Laserbreak should be on this list! Most addictive puzzler of the year.

  18. Francisco Goodwin says:

    1. Pakka Pets!!

  19. Austin Bruen says:

    hi guys try tankboom 3s action game…

  20. Reed Yost V says:

    missed the best game of all time Pixel Gun 3d

  21. Freida Walker says:

    Clash of Clans is one of the best games ever

  22. Dr. Harley Thompson PhD says:

    My favorite right now is Color Catch lol. Can't stop playing!!

  23. Lisa Johnston says:

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  24. Willard Fay Sr. says:

    Color Swipez <3333333

  25. Miss Iva Spinka V says:

    Great list!!!!!! I just missed my favourites:

    1. PsychMe

    2. QuizUp

    3. Candy Crash

    I would write a new list to actualize the games!!!!

    Lots of love <3

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