Samsung’s Galaxy S8 could get huge boost to power or battery life


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  1. Eric DEMDJIAN says:

    Please Samsung, paste on a Spen on the 5.5 “!!

  2. Menorca Man says:

    To heck with a 27% increase in performance, give me the 40% reduction in power consumption!!

  3. FlippityGibbit says:

    Start talking about your wonderful chip technology only after you’ve mastered battery making technology!

    1. Sean Keach says:

      Ooh, burn…

  4. John Smith says:

    Didn’t TSMC claim they were going to get there first? No one ever brings up these things to remind us what BS was spun.

    1. Sean Keach says:

      Not sure if they said they would be first, but they definitely said they would start production in the second half of 2016 (with 7nm coming next year). As far as I’m aware, TSMC manufacturing hasn’t started for 10nm yet

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