Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 over battery flaw


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  1. hayley88 says:

    QUICK! Someone find a way to bash apple!!!!1!11!

  2. Seamus Larkin says:

    Wasn’t there a song called something’s burning. I think that would be appropriate song for the next Samsung note Galaxy 7 commercial

  3. dkoss says:

    This was a well reported recall…and only 35 reported faulty phones so far from parts of the world where the phone has been available so far…It would be SO good if Samsung reverted to user removable batteries for all their Note Phones. …but I doubt if this will be a big enough prompt for them….they are sold on yearly replaceable models for the younger buyers who like new tech and packaging each year….and the new marketing brainwave of water resistance….extended to using the stylus under water……

    Wish them well with the battery problems…hope it gets sorted in the best way possible…but I will be sticking with my Notes 3 and 4 and my external battery chargers…and spare batteries….possibly for quite some time yet.. .I do not believe in charging batteries inside the phone….always outside….where they can breathe as they charge.

  4. Ignacio Cremin V says:

    I like having a removable battery too, though they do tend to add bulk to the phone.

    Plus considering how many people have issues with cheapo power supplies, I imagine they would also see an uptick in reported issues from people using cheap faulty batteries.

  5. Nia Gleason says:

    I have a Note 7 and know someone else who has one and both of them charge fine and don’t heat up. My Galaxy S6 ran way hotter than my Note 7.

  6. Judy Kertzmann says:

    This is very unrealistic, but I hope…somehow… Samsung throws in 2 more gb of ram and a little bit bigger battery to kind of push this tension back and give us an even better phone.

  7. weissnat.grover says:

    Keep an eye open for this breaking news… my sources are telling me that a Space X Engineer accidentally left his Note 7 in the 2nd booster stage of the Falcon 9 rocket.  Could be nothing, or something. Too early to tell. 

  8. Mr. Davion O'Keefe says:

    I’m sure they will refurb the phones and put new batteries in. Then they will be used as warranty replacement devices or repackaged as new for certain parts of the world.  I just wonder if the fail rate is really as low as they say it is or if they believe it will rise considerably in the near future so it’s best to take care of this now.

  9. sterling.stroman says:

    It’s only been two weeks so odds are the explosion rate would just keep climbing.

  10. Marge Hills PhD says:

    Better than Apple’s response would have been. Which is deny and put the blame on the consumer. There’s would have been “You’re charging it wrong”

  11. pfisher says:

    @boswd well considering the batteries are failing in transit before delivery that scenario is highly unlikely but thanks for taking the time to make up your own story

  12. ewald.ondricka says:

    @boswd Do you have some example where an Apple product was dangerous and they didn’t handle the situation? They handled the antenna issue very poorly, but that’s a bit different from causing a fire.

  13. Tremayne Schulist says:

    @boswd LMFAO, You know you just invited all the ” Apple Crazed Consumers” to now defend there AMAZING product. 

  14. Jena McKenzie says:

    Samsung reacted quick, for whatever the reason is, they did what they need to do rather then deny…….

  15. Simeon Carter says:

    Maybe they’ll learn, replaceable batteries are best. I’ll never understand why they got rid of replaceable batteries in the 1st place. That was one of the best ways they were better than apple.

  16. Dr. Preston Hahn says:

    @ssharkman So, if they had an exploding replaceable battery, it would be OK?

  17. Mr. Sherman Lakin DDS says:

    @JosephusTPlumber @ssharkman –  Would it be ok?  Not really.  But the fix would be MUCH easier/faster. You ship a new battery and you are done.  Now they need to replace each handset costing them many more milltions of dollars. 

  18. Jaycee Luettgen says:

    Unlikely: the photos show total loss of the device. Unless the batteries were only charged outside the device and that’s not the current design for phones is it? My camera batteries are charged in a separate charger but it’s a hassle.

  19. fae69 says:

    @ssharkman You make it sound like replaceable batteries were replaceable. see what I did there?

  20. Aileen Treutel says:

    @ssharkman My opinion is, What fails on a phone first? the battery. If you replace the battery then the phone is good for longer = Less new phone sales. 

  21. purdy.ariel says:

    How amusing. Samsung’s decision to make their batteries nonremovable really came back to bite them.

  22. Braxton Cremin V says:

    I agree 100%! Why did they get rid of the replaceable batteries in the 1st place?

  23. Ernestine Padberg MD says:

    @ssharkman They didn’t get rid of them they replaced them.  Why do I have to keep splaining this

  24. virgil.morar says:

     “but for now, the company is in damage control after pulling its hottest new phone from the shelves so quickly after launch.”   I am sure there was no pun intended here.

  25. Gladyce Connelly says:

    I still want it! Will definitely wait!
    I am looking forward to ditch my iPhone. None of the iPhones I had did much for me this past 4 years. I absolutely detest iTunes and the lack of freedom with the iPhone for simple tasks such as copy/paste. 
    Been craving Note 7 and I still think it’s worth to wait. :)

  26. hartmann.alexzander says:

    nj_alex – Hmm, in iOS you can copy and paste just fine. Seems simple to me. And what “lack of freedom” is present in that process?

  27. Jewel Wintheiser says:

    @housepianist I really just did not get along with itunes. Nor with the iPad. Copying movies, series, music etc for my travelling was always so complicated…

  28. Pat Wolff says:

    @NJ_Alex @housepianist I don’t see how that’s going to be any easier with an Android device but at least you get a bevy of Google apps in the Apple app store that can help remedy some of your frustrations. I don’t use itunes for my iOS devices because there are better choices.

  29. Dr. Moses Botsford Sr. says:

    @NJ_Alex @housepianist Really?  You just download purchases from the cloud.  Your own music and playlists are easy to transfer.

  30. dino27 says:

    @nj_alex so you hated the iPhone so much for the 4 years and never thought to get a Note 5, Note 5 edge, S6 edge +, S7 or S7 edge???? You amazingly knew if you waited for 4 years the Note 7 would finally arrive bahaha, full of bs much lol

  31. emelia.ferry says:

    @djthekiwi You don’t have to be rude nor an idiot. People are different, accept that.
    Also I got my first iphone and thought, ok let’s get use to it. Then got my second in an attempt it could get better. 
    I change phone every 2 years, not every year. I have better places to put my money in and technology is a necessity, but I don’t need to change phones 2 times a year.

  32. rbechtelar says:

    @nj_alex you do realize you sound like an addict right?

  33. Zander Padberg DVM says:

    @Grigorii_Skaa ahahaha why? Absolutely I am not. Nor a neird nor a geek. I was simply looking forward for this phone and its features as my agenda tends to be very busy and I’m really not happy with my iPhone.

  34. Flossie Emard says:

    @nj_alex IJS you kind of need them to get the battery right in order to enjoy the other features. Do get me wrong, I’m tired of both camps (Apple/Android) & test driving a HP Elite x3 I pre-ordered in 10 days.

  35. gutkowski.verdie says:

    @Grigorii_Skaa I know and understand. This is going to be my first Samsung, I might detest it afterwards. :) But it’s water proof as well. I need that. I have killed a couple phones like that. :)

  36. brandon.zulauf says:

    Buy four or six (that two for one program eh?) you’ll always have one that works that way.

  37. brent68 says:

    Yeah, I finally tried the iPhone 6s+ 10months, 3 phones later (major issues with Camera on the first one), Siri and fingerprint issues on the 2nd, and the 3rd lags like hell. Let’s also not mention how the 6th iteration of the iPhone still can’t multitask to save it’s life. I was just about to jump back to Samsung and it looks like I’ll be waiting now. They SHOULD just go ahead and throw that 6 Gigs of RAM in there that the Chinese exclusive phone has, instead of the measley 4….

  38. madie84 says:

    Well done Samsung. To recall all Notes only because of 35 reports shows you care. I am sure if 1 million iPhones had this problem they will never be replaced.

    To the author

    You should be as quickly to report iPhones issues also and put it on top as this news.

    You say this will affect Samsung as it has started to get it swagger back. No, Samsung never lost its swagger. As a matter of fact Samsung has won Smartphone crown a long time back and it is not going to change soon.

    New iPhones unveilling will not affect Note sales. A person who want Note is not going to buy iPhone no matter what.

  39. jeanette62 says:

    Zen. Apple wouldn’t replace phones that catch on fire and explode? Ah, no. Any company would. There are huge liability concerns. Samsungs is just luck a house hasn’t caught on fire and burned a few people alive. Hopefully, they can corrected the problem quickly and save some lives.

  40. Enrique Swift says:

    @dagerow @zenbook “caught on fire and burned a few people alive” ? This’s not the end of the world, you have a LOT of imagination….get real

  41. Erna Hegmann DDS says:

    I wanted not 1 note, but 3, this article has convinced me to go with the I7. Triple shame on you samsung. I’m not buying a device with known problems. You can sue me, but it would be a classless action.

  42. ethel.bartoletti says:

    @bakdahelup At least Samsung’s acknowledging the problem and offering free replacements (and will most likely be rectifying this issue in future batches), quite unlike a certain manufacturer and its touch disease that it’s ignoring despite over 30% of repairs being about that issue

    Honestly though, you weren’t going to buy the Note anyway right?

  43. borer.sidney says:

    You CAN’T buy this phone; they won’t let you. They put sales on hold as soon as they realized there was a problem. And by the way, so far it is 35 out of over 1 million yet they are willing to replace them ALL. But hey, enjoy that IPhone 7 with it’s its greatest new feature – no headphone jack.

  44. deion22 says:

    @bakdahelup “You can sue me, but it would be a classless action”….umm, what? So you think Samsung would sue you for not buying their phones? Yeah, that makes sense. The Note 7 has a battery failure rate of like .003% while the latest iPhone’s battery failure rate is like 30%. But yeah, go ahead and buy iPhone, ya know, since you’re not buying a device with known problems…..

  45. Flavie Effertz PhD says:

    @zenbook I think making assumptions is a bad idea, I have a Note 5 and a IPhone 6s and think they’re both fantastic oops I’m not allowed to like them both on here, oh well sucks to be you then.

  46. brooke21 says:

    It took them forever to report the news on touch disease and it definitely wasn’t the top main news story either.

  47. Rigoberto Kulas Sr. says:

    Two year old phones not two weeks like these bombs.

  48. johnathan26 says:

    NO not the Phone of God that would slay the Apple Dragon-sheep and usher in the Reign of Sammy?  Say it aint so?

  49. frami.terrence says:

    I’m not sure if I should make a stupid reference to hoverboards or the Canyonero.

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