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  1. Lonie Koepp says:

    Create art on a 9.7 inch tablet? Don't be ridiculous and no mention of the extra high cost for the pen and keyboard which without its just another ipad though I do expect them to relaunch the original iPad shortly with the SE moniker.

  2. Dr. Kyle Leannon says:

    It's just too expensive now, the iPad Air2 is already a premium priced product with high margins, why step up the price even more? Surface Pro4 has sewn up the hybrid device replacing PC's. iOS is simply not up to it. An iPad Pro running a new touchscreen version of OSX is needed.

  3. Dr. Hershel Brekke I says:

    Windows converts? Tim Cook can't seriously believe that many people with an i5/i7 computer with 8-16+gb of RAM, a mouse, ability to have 2+ displays, etc.. is really thinking, oh wow look a little tablet with a keyboard (there have always been 3rd party ipad keyboard cases) and a stencil, who needs a Windows PC now!

  4. Torrance Rutherford says:

    This is a reasonable and fairly accurate tagline: "Apple has introduced a smaller, more manageable 9.7-inch iPad Pro for artists."

    Unfortunately, this is what the actual tagline is: "Apple has introduced a smaller, more manageable 9.7-inch iPad Pro for creatives, artists, and Windows converts."

    That's a perfect example of "clickbait".

  5. Zoe Towne says:

    Why would you want to run OSX on an iPad? OSX isn't optimised at all for a multi-touch screen, and having use Win8.1 on a Surface Pro3, I can report it's awful, trying to use stubby fingers to control an OS that's design around pointers.

    Besides, iOS IS OSX – but a version that's optimised for a multi-touch screen.

    Where Apple is going wring is in the iOSification of their OSX apps. What was iWorks – Pages, Numbers and Keynote – have become dire on OSX since the iOS UI was grafted on to them. Acres of wasted screen real estate with no tear-offable menus… a bizarre thing to do for a company that's supposed to be user interface experts.

  6. Emerald Casper says:

    Apple lowered the price of the iPad Air 2. People that keep asking for a touchscreen version of OS X crack me up. You're asking for a touchscreen version of the OS that is presently apple's least popular in terms of developer support and market penetration? This all smacks of people wanting to get a cheapmo macintosh and getting angry at Apple because they AREN'T chopping their own neck to make a product you won't buy anyway.

  7. Bernard Krajcik says:

    "seamlessly attach a keyboard without fumbling with Bluetooth"… honestly !!! I've been using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad Air for years, Apple fan writes another glowing review of nothing new.

  8. Marjorie Moen says:

    they have enough other people buying their tablets. no need for hardcore windows users.

  9. Brooke Lehner says:

    Haven't *all* ipads been "touted as Apple's new tablet that has the guts to replace your laptop"? None have achieved it however

  10. Eddie Little says:

    I still don't see the iPad fixing what I thought a huge shortcomings of all of the iPad products. The fact that I can't print to any printer I want to. The fact that I can not choose a location where I want to place my file is another. The fact that you can't really run industry-standard strong applications such as AutoCAD or MSProject still puts this tablet in the definition of a toy. iPad doesn't even support using a BT mouse or trackpad. How can you be a PC replacement if I can't use a mouse or the trackpad. It's still a toy. It's a pretty toy but still a toy.

  11. Eldon Kris says:

    What about the fact that it only has 2GB of RAM? This may be a deal breaker.

  12. Otto Emard says:

    Is that "Against" list the best you can do? Complaining about the starting storage size is common. Hint: It's a starting size. You can buy a bigger one! An OS X iPad? It's an iPad not a Mac. Don't hold your breath!! Finally, what to do about your last iPad Pro? Give it to me. I'll take it!!

  13. Darlene Konopelski DDS says:

    "Creatives"? Fuck right off.

  14. Janelle Stanton says:

    Call me greedy, but what I really would like is an iPad Pro 12.9" hybrid running both Mac OS and iOS.

  15. Dr. Marco Runte says:

    I have an iPad Air, I really like it, but it will never replace my desktop PC or a laptop.

  16. Prof. Abner O'Reilly says:

    Can a comparison article be written covering:

    * Apple iPad Pro 9.7 with Official Keyboard
    * Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with Official Keyboard
    * Sony Xperia Z5 Tablet with Official Keyboard

    All three compete with each other more than they do the Surface Pro.

    I'm interesitng in reading which is the best writing device?

  17. Orlando Ward says:

    Looks like a nice iteration of the iPad line but why has it jumped 25% in price in the UK and 50% in the US?! I don't see anything major in the specs that deserves such a price hike, just seems like opportunism.

  18. Ms. Sienna Lemke says:

    I sold my original iPad2 as it was too tricky, fiddly, to create content. The irony is the iPad DOES support BT mice, if you jailbreak it! Steve Jobs' dogma… a finger is all you need.

    That said – i'm revising my point of view with the pro line up – due to the pencil. I tried styluses on the iPad2, but they just didn't cut it. The pencil, however gets it right.

    So now I'm figuring out how to afford one…

    Project management tools are available on the iPad, I'm sure the iPadPro has enough grunt to run MSProject, were MS to make it available for iOS. I don't think you can criticise the iPad for not running software that isn't available for it… same with Autocad really – although as far as I understand it, that's a seriously heavyweight application and your expectations may be too high today.

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