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  1. Jerome Gibson says:

    Fast forward a year, it's sure good value now…

  2. Madge Ortiz says:

    Second to Microsoft of course. #DevilsAdvocate

  3. Zachary Prosacco MD says:

    Hahahaha, you do understand that your statement is completely irrelevant to the quality of the phone. The iPhone is still the bestselling phone. A lot of stupid people get them too. And stupid people prefer the iPhone because of the name.

    I prefer the iPhone because it multitasks better (yes, it does, at least the 6S does it better than any other Android flagship of the same time I've used – and that's many. I have an S6 myself (fucking hate the fact that I didn't get a 6S, but I like my S6 – easily the best looking smartphone at the moment)) and, more important for me, it has much better touch latency.

    I love how well the interface follows my finger when using an iOS device. I am yet to use an Android device as responsive.

  4. Dr. Elbert Lindgren III says:

    I'm betting it's the Android guys out of your work colleagues that have to reboot their devices and have problems because it anything outside Nexus on Android sucks especially Samsung devices because we all know iPhone doesn't lag.

  5. Christophe Carter says:

    And people who work in event centers that have a policy against it (I'm looking at you, Microsoft Theater and AEG)…

  6. Lenore Konopelski says:

    Maybe because you had to shell out another $800 bucks for it?

    I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money, but those of you who had the iPad Air 1 and are leaping on the Air 2, and actually feel that everything is "running great and nothing is changed," you may want to think things through.

  7. Miss Lura Herman Sr. says:

    Are you trolling me or are you acting retarded?

  8. Adolph Hintz says:

    You've argued your point well. I can't rebut much of what you say. Fantastical is a pretty… well, fantastic Calendar app that is both exclusive to Android and what I consider an essential tool. I couldn't stand Google's calendar app. I do most of my file storage on the cloud these days, and have found very little need to access my phone's file system. Apple's ecosystem is nowhere near as closed as it used to be. Between Transmit and Dropbox, I can manipulate files in pretty much any way I need. In retrospect, having root access on my Android phones was more of a novelty to me than a functional feature. Sure, it made my mobile experience more of a "real" computing experience, but in the end I decided I don't want to do robust computing on a 6-inch rectangle. It's cumbersome. I guess my main gripe with android, and Google in general, is that in my experience it threw too much information at me and gave me too many options. I found it wasn't helping as much with what I needed it to do – which is getting out of my way and making my life easier.

  9. Jayden O'Conner says:

    Flagged. Flagged.Flagged.

  10. Miss Madeline Zulauf III says:

    At least it got you to talk.

  11. Dr. Stevie Treutel III says:

    LOL "The iPad Air 2 achieves extraordinary slimness without sacrifices" "The sad thing here is the loss of the silencing switch, which has departed due to size restrictions." "The iPad mini 2 only took down 16% in the looped video test last year, where the iPad Air 2 went down by 21%."

    Yes, splended journalism there. Splendid.

    And let's not forget this fabulous gem. "The iPad Air 2 has a deeper black bezel which helps enhance the picture." Apparently having blacker bands makes picture clarity better in Apple Sheep world.

  12. Prof. Kory Schuster says:

    You can be just as transparent and every bit as reliable on Android. Actually you're far more transparent on Android.

    The OS is of little concern. The important thing is the App Store and ecosystem. Apple has only a very, very small lead on Android nowadays in the ecosystem. There are only very few Apple-exclusive apps left nowadays that are must haves — and ironically some of these apps — like Paper 53 — would work better on an Android tablet with better features like a Wacomm Digitizer.

    Widgets, etc. are decent options but the real reason Android is a better OS are features like being able to actually access your file system.

    Hardware wise Android tablets have far better features. The whole "premium build" thing is the only real thing Apple has up its sleeve, not that tablets like Sony's Xperia line don't have equally slim and premium builds.

    More importantly Android tablets give you vital options like Micro USB support, Miracast support and Wacomm Digitizers so you can have a real stylus and not those rubber domes of crap that pass as Ipad Styli.

    Apple still eschews these excellent solutions for their home-grown inferior solutions like Lightning and AirPlay and Apple TV.

  13. Bettye Konopelski says:


  14. Miss Gilda Batz says:


  15. Laurel Reinger MD says:

    Find a hub next time.

  16. Eden Mertz says:

    Get a room. Both. Of. You.

  17. Prof. Cortez Douglas DDS says:


  18. Prof. April Baumbach PhD says:

    There's a ton of stuff Apple can add to iPads.

    * Wireless Charging
    * Micro USB
    * Wacomm Digitizer
    * Water proofing
    * Fast Charging
    * Longer Battery Life

    Now that last one fair enough iPads to tend to have long battery life compared to the competition, and that's just an iterative improvement.

    But my point is this isn't just a matter of iterative improvements on the speed or efficacy of your hardware.

    The first four are huge quality of life improvements that you can make to the iPad, and I just thought of that off the top of my head. Someone whose job it is to improve the device can surely do more and better than just making it slimmer.

    There's a lot that can be done to the tablets to make them better. If you don't see this, that just proves you're an iSheep that drinks all the cool aid and never thinks beyond that.

    Try thinking about what you want, not what Apples wants for you.

  19. Prof. Cleo Strosin says:

    I've seen one star reviews with solid five-star compliments on the net regarding this product.

  20. Kris Huel says:

    Get a room, both of you.

  21. Miss Lindsay Wintheiser IV says:

    I don't know about iPhone not lagging, but you're correct about my colleagues. Every single day one or another has to reboot their phone because of one glitch or another. The two of us on iOS rarely have to do that. It's anecdotal evidence, sure, but I don't think reality is all that different.

  22. Ayana Skiles says:

    Report this to Apple Support but don't compare it to a reshipping scam and bawwww about it here. Flagging.

  23. Krystina Purdy says:

    Get a laptop bag and keep it with you at all times.

  24. Dr. Connie Haag says:

    I've never seen someone complain about the touch screen with androids before, are you sure it's not the screen protector? Touch screens work by sending an electrical charge to your skin, they are not pressure this is why gloves don't work.

  25. Prof. Hilbert Wuckert says:

    I dream of the day that Pangya, a golf game for Windows, can be run on a Mac. Still waiting.

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