Paper Mario: Color Splash has been around 30 minutes and people already hate it


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  1. Mr. Erik Klein III says:

    Miyamoto needs to stay away from Paper Mario. I don't think he cares for the Mario RPGs & it showed with the restrictions he placed on the Sticker Star team (he told them mostly use traditional Mario characters).

  2. Miss Kiarra Jones says:

    Well, have you played Sticker Star and compared it to TTYD? I do believe the concerns are kind of valid, but it may not be that bad. It has Sticker Star's level selection which is concerning, But it doesn't seem like the actual battle mechanics have been shown. It may be just that the "Things" cards take the place of the more traditional Star Power attacks, but the battle mechanics still use experience points and Flower Power. I was hoping for something like TTYD where characters treat their paper existence as "the elephant in the room" as opposed to constantly referencing it for cheap jokes.

    I'll still preorder it, but I may not want to replay it every few years like I do with the older PM games.

  3. Samantha Schultz says:

    I agree, the petition to cancel the game is stupid. However, Thousand Year Door is one of my favorite games of all time, AND Super Paper Mario (which also had non-RPG gameplay) was an amazing game.

    The problem is a lack of originality and personality. Not in gameplay, but in game design. Sticker Star had Bland (and unoriginal) Characters, Bland Locales, No Replayability (since the bosses always require the same stickers AND there's no level ups). This game looks to be more of the same – one partner that's actually a new character, and then some generic toads. At least the town looked SOMEWHAT more interesting than anything we saw in Sticker Star.

    The Partner System. Oh, the Partner System. IT'S NOT JUST FOR THE GAMEPLAY. I could care less if it was just Mario fighting. Having a variety of partners that actually have personality, backstory, and connections to other characters (unlike Kersti) was one of the parts of Thousand Year Door that made the writing so amazing. Every character played off of each other perfectly.

    I want to be optimistic, but the trailer showed NOTHING that made me have hope for this game.

  4. Abigale Tillman says:

    That was the biggest problem with Sticker Star. Everything was either impossibly easy, if you had the right sticker, or literally impossible (the stupid scissors thing… UGH). It means there was ZERO replayability gameplay-wise, and you weren't going to play it for the story because there WASN'T ANY.

  5. Everardo Runte says:

    Sigh, the fan's reaction is Metroid Prime Federation Force all over again. There's little reason why someone should want a game to be cancelled. Even if I don't want to play a game, I have nothing against others enjoying it.

    Besides, even if this was cancelled, it doesn't mean that a better game is going to suddenly emerge.

  6. Mekhi Luettgen V says:

    Sticker Star mechanics are stupid. Big bosses can be taken out in two turns with the right sticker, or they could deplete your entire book trying to wear them down. If you use up all of your boot or hammer stickers then you cannot do basic attacks, and could be unable to defeat an enemy that just needs one standard stomp. And you don't have levelling up so an enemy will always need the same number of attacks to defeat, and maybe even more because they turn into shiny versions.

  7. Arvilla Ortiz says:

    Being mad that a game with Sticker Star mechanics & story is being made is tantamount to being mad that a game without TTYD mechanics & story isn't being made, so I'd say he has the point captured well enough.

  8. Ms. Ramona Bosco says:

    While I agree with your point, I still think that Sticker Star is FAR below even Super Paper Mario, which is even MORE unlike TTYD (one of my favorite games of all time) in gameplay.

    Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario had amazing writing, amazing characters, well-developed stories, and interesting locations. Sticker Star ditched all of that for generic Mario.
    Even the original Paper Mario, which DID take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, had interesting characters and fantastic writing.

    The worst part of it all is that I know for a fact that these developers are capable of creating a game with amazing story AND RPG Gameplay. Intelligent Systems just released Fire Emblem Fates, and before that, Fire Emblem Awakening, which are both AMAZING! The worlds, the characters – those games had personality. Sticker Star did not, and, if the lack of new locations and characters (might I point out that there was ONE original character in the trailer, just like there was ONE original character in Sticker Star) is any indication, this game will be the same.

  9. Terence Mraz says:

    Sticker Star was a terrible Paper Mario game and an average game overall, it was terribly casualised and had most of what makes PM games good removed. Saying "critics" gave the game positive reviews is the same as saying "that car salesman gave me a compliment", it's meaningless in this day and age where a game has to be almost complete trash for critics to give it anything lower then a 5-6. Most people who played SS considered it a terrible successor to the paper mario series, which the hacks at Nintendo appear to have either not noticed or simply not cared.

    So of course Color Splash is shown, it's effectively more Sticker Star and people start getting mad that Nintendo haven't taken a hint yet, which leads to the petition you mentioned, because Nintendo are apparently idiots who don't understand what people want out of the PM series, just like the Metroid series.

    Here's a hint: PM and PM:TTYD got it right. SPM didnt but was a decent game regardless because it still retained a lot of what made PM good.

  10. Elwyn Mann says:

    Cant blame them. SS was horrible for a PM game.

  11. Barbara Braun V says:


  12. Donald Simonis says:

    It seems like you've completely missed the point here. Fans aren't upset that it's a sticker star sequel, but that the team behind this franchise has been developing obscure loose RPG's since the last true Paper mario RPG game, The thousand year door. Fans have been asking for a sequel to that game for years now.

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