Opinion: Why did Nintendo just spend five hours showing us what could be shown in five minutes?


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  1. Cathryn Oberbrunner IV says:

    They've spent all this time and still haven't showed you all the awesome stuff you can do in the first area alone. So no. They could not cut it down because this game is far too big for that.

  2. Dr. Micheal Dickinson says:

    I'm glad it was as detailed as it was. It really drives the point home that this first area is more massive and has so much to do that, as only 1% of the game, you need a lot of time to fully grasp the breadth of what the final product will deliver.

  3. Susan Wilderman DVM says:

    Their goal was to communicate the size and depth of the game. Having journalists boil it down to a simplified phrase and a list of bullet points runs counter to that goal.

    There are indeed times where a bullet point list works. This is decidedly not one of them and this article only serves to further lessen video game journalism in the eyes of the public.

    Nintendo offers a full three course meal and all you want is a take away McDonald's burger

  4. Sydney Jerde says:

    I agree. I love Zelda as much as the next, but it was too much, essentially boiled down to a spoiler of sorts, taking all the fun of discovering the game on your own. I turned the stream off after 45 mins of Zelda. And the Pokemon talks before it were sooooo drawn out too.

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