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  1. Derick Reilly I says:

    >With Microsoft's Windows 10 heating up the PC market, Apple is bringing a free upgrade of its own

    As if Apple hasn't been offering new OSX releases for free for the past few years already and that MS weren't the imitators with their Windows 10 free upgrade (which is a limited time offer)

  2. Dr. Manuel Heidenreich says:

    Eh, I suppose this is exciting for MacOS users but, yeah, practically every other OS has had these things a while now? I can't understand why Mac users aren't angry at Apple.

  3. Buster Jacobs says:

    other operating systems have continuity features? please provide an example of an OS that has the same integration with a mobile device.

  4. Presley Orn says:

    Are Mac users clamoring for a newer version of Time Machine? I'm not. It works. I generally don't need to worry about it. It's there when I need it. So… And as for storing HD movies and TV shows, if you BUY them from any of the major digital stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, etc.) you can delete and download them as you please. (Right? I'll admit I use mainly iTunes, so I may be wrong about the others.) So you're saying that Apple should expand iCloud for people to store their pirated content… Good luck with that. Maybe if you had made the case for HD/4K home videos captured on iPhones, but you didn't bring that up.

    What I want, and can't see why it wouldn't be doable, is a Picture in Picture mode like they just added to iOS. Make it work with iTunes content, as well as web videos, and any other apps that want to use the API, so we can pop videos out of their apps/windows and have them on top of fullscreen apps, split-fullscreen apps, or the desktop, whatever we want! That's a gem of a feature and would benefit everyone from 11" MBA users to 27" iMac users.

    Except Youtube (Google) will refuse to cooperate with it, of course.

  5. Malvina Ritchie says:

    looks interesting, i hope apple really innovate in this new os, if not then they're most likely recycle ideas or borrow ideas from windows and linux.

  6. Nina Morissette says:

    Do we really need to fix things that aren't broken? Whats wrong with photos? What is wrong with Time Machine? And last I checked iTunes is a syncing app, no need to make it any simpler. I want iTunes radio back, new file system, a new/revamped interface mostly, not to mention speech recognition across all apps / system-wide would probably be a huge improvement by itself and honestly much better than Siri. I don't want to ask my computer questions… I want it to do things for me while I'm washing dishes… and I know macs have speakable items… but thats not enough. Our Macs should be far more intuitive than they are now… the past 3 major releases have been quite boring and far from impressive, last time I was actually impressed was when OS9 died and OS X came to life, everything since has just been fine tuning and nothing more.

  7. Rosamond Wyman says:

    The ability to use larger fonts for the bookmarks bar, menus and tabs, would be a blessing. Overall, OS X is pretty darn good, as is.

  8. Mrs. Cleora Jacobi MD says:

    I'd like to see IOS apps in the Mac App Store and Split pane view in finder.

  9. Karelle Hilpert says:

    As long as the new OS will work in my motorhome I am content.

  10. Brady McCullough says:

    Bring back the Character Pallette as it was in 10.5 so we can use Opentype Fonts to their full potential.

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