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  1. RonRoyce says:

    I played around on a G810 and a G910, both of which have the Romer G switches. Didn’t like them. They felt cheap and the keyboards felt plasticky. I especially disliked the damping, it just feels wrong. I much prefer the linear travel of the Cherry keys. I have fallen out of love with Logitech of late, their latest range of keyboards have disappointed me. As an owner of many Logitech products over the years, including the excellent DiNovo Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, it is a shame to see them fall from grace like this.

    I currently have an AFX keyboard which I got as a freebie but I think retails for around £80. It has Cherry MX brown switches and the keys are red LED backlit. Whilst its lack of programmability is an annoying limitation two things impress me with it. First, the keys. Whilst they are a bit noisy they have a solid feel, very linear travel and I have found them to be very easy on the fingers – long gaming sessions are easy on this keyboard. Second, the build quality. It’s a metal tray on a thick plastic base and it feels really solid – there is literally zero flex in the keyboard and it sits really securely on my table. I’m not sure of it’s ghosting performance but I can tell you it has not been an issue at all on any FPS I have played. I’d definitely pay for this keyboard, it is much better than I expected it to be.

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