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  1. PGrGr says:

    I think the idea of comparing with a Mac is perfectly valid. Jimmy is correct in that people who are heavily invested in one ecosystem or the other may have brand loyalty, but many, like myself, are equally happy in either environment.

    For work, I use Microsoft Office (pretty much the same on each platform) and bunch of web based software (browser based, so cross compatible). Outside of work, nearly everything I do is browser based or based on Creative Cloud, which, again, is identical on both systems.

    In the days of Windows XP, I developed a preference for Macs. Windows 7 improved reliability in the Windows environment, and now, I prefer Windows 10, but that’s probably more down to familiarity. My office PC is Windows, so I spend more time in Windows and find I know my way around it better than Mac OS X Mavericks, but it’s just familiarity.

  2. Andrew says:

    Agree with Jimmy, the price in the article is very misleading.

    Also, why the obsession with comparing to a Mac that doesn’t even run the same OS.? I’d have much preferred to see parallels drawn with the Dell XPS 13 which seems to be a direct competitor.

    Speaking of the Dell. When TR / others review the XPS 13 full HD is thought to be fine without windows scaling (only recommended with the 4k panel), but here it’s required ?

    Seems like this is potentially a bargain though, even at £800.

    1. Ed says:

      Regards the mac comparisons, because the XPS 13 is way more expensive now, it didn’t really make for much of a comparison. The Air is the closest thing for the money and is still a well known benchmark for many users (I know plenty of people that have bought Airs and installed Windows simply because for the longest time it was simply the best ultrabook).

      Also, as an owner of the XPS 13 I can categorically tell you that Full HD on 13in is not usable for extended periods. For a while it’s okay but unless you’re eyesight is next level then I’d always recommend bumping it to 125%.

    2. jimmy says:

      exactly Andrew. comparisons to similar ultrabooks, Dell XPS 13, Asus Zenbook etc.
      maybe a simple comparison table of specs would be nice.

  3. jimmy says:

    again with the pricing accuracy. £699 is for the core i5 variant. the i7 is £799.
    You need to specify the correct prices for the variants to avoid giving a misleading review.
    or if you have found somewhere that has given you a miraculously good offer then please share so we can all buy one!

    1. Ed says:

      My bad. Unfortunately these things happen sometimes. With something like this, once the mistake is made it’s so easy to miss it when re-reading as of course there is a version that costs £699.

      Overall my enthusiasm for this laptop – in either variant – isn’t diminished, at least in terms of what else is available right now. Obviously last year we had the original Dell XPS 13 at the same price, and a merely updated version of that at the same price might’ve won out simply because of the slightly nicer design.

      As it is, though, the latest Dell is overpriced and the 710S is a fantastic buy for the money – you’re essentially getting the £1049 version of the Dell for £799.

    2. Michael Passingham says:

      Hi jimmy and Andrew. I’ve now rectified the price, apologies for the error and thank you for spotting.

      I’m also going to add a note about the existence of the i5 model that’ll be an excellent alternative for many people.

      Even with the higher price this is still an excellent value machine, undercutting the MacBook Air (sorry, but people like to know) and the Dell XPS 13.

      1. jimmy says:

        People don’t want to know, because if people are looking at this machine it’s because they want a windows based PC. If they are already invested in an apple ecosystem then they will choose a MacBook anyway and not look at PC’s
        If I’m looking at getting a windows ultrabook, then I want to know how the top few models compare to each other to make a choice. I don’t care how they fair against a MacBook air because I don’t want an apple!
        I really think you guys need to go back to your roots and concentrate on solid detailed accurate reviews of actual available products, with a few news updates on forthcoming announced products. All this click bait crap on rumoured devices 12 months away that have no actual details at all, and silly articles about mobile game tips that are generally useless and add nothing new to anyone who has played these games for more than 5 minutes are just devaluing your brand. The quality of articles has really declined over the past couple of years. A simple proof read of some before publishing would be a start.
        I increasingly find myself looking at other sites these days to get details on products I’m interested in.

        1. Evan says:

          We also see that some of our most popular articles are comparisons between Macbooks and Windows machines. There clearly is an appetite from readers for this informations but you are quite correct that relevant Windows machines should be referred to also.

          In terms of your other comment about the site it’s one of the dangers when expanding the breadth of content. We’re producing more high quality reviews than ever before in more content areas. I believe that quality of reviews has improved, certainly over the past year, when compared to previous years.

          We do try to create informed articles about forthcoming products because some people are really interested in what might come next and want to know all the rumours in one place.

          There will be content that won’t be for everyone, that’s what happens when a lot more content is being written. Pokemon Go should go away soon. Unfortunately there’s so much interest at the moment that we’d be remiss as a business if we ignored it.

        2. Michael Passingham says:

          The comparison is still relevant; they are both laptops after all. All the same, I do agree with you that some extra information about the Dell XPS 13 here would have been useful. I will add this to the review.

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