In Depth: Nintendo NX: Everything we know about Nintendo’s new mystery console


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  1. Prof. Josefa Conroy says:

    That's not the reasoning (and I'm probably older than you lol… I was definitely not in diapers when it released).

    Here's the info:
    1. The Neo Geo was very powerful, more powerful than even Capcom's arcade cabinets at the time.. this is true.
    2. The Neo Geo was VERY expensive, therefore it had only a very niche crowd in Japan and even fewer still in the US. By 1997, 7 years AFTER it was launched, it had only sold 980,000 units worldwide… and that's both the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD combined. It launched at $650 (roughly $1k back then) and the games were $200 and up… each.
    3. I only knew 1 person who owned one… because he had some well off parents, but he didn't own any of the other consoles and only had 2 games.
    4. It had a very very small game library
    5. The other companies offered newer systems later on which is why service would expire on them as they focused on a new console.

  2. Myrtice Hauck says:

    That is on topic, these things are intrinsically tied together, if Metroid Prime functioned like Halo did it would probably not have been "a lot better and more detailed". The point is they're a bad comparison.

  3. Valentina Brakus says:

    But they sold every unit that was manufactured. That's why SNK continued to support the system longer than any current manufacturer. It was designed for hard core arcade gamers that wanted the EXACT same titles found in the arcade, and with that the library size is justified. Considering the price of the console and the games, the system did well. Your claim that no one owned a Neo Geo is unfounded. If you're my age, then you must've been just out of college when Atari released the 2600.

  4. Beverly Parker says:

    Wait, the Wii U is bad? I've been enjoying it quite a bit, and since I never bought a Wii, I've been playing a bunch of Wii games on it too. Recently finished Super Mario Galaxy on it, in fact.

    The Wii U wasn't revolutionary, it was evolutionary. HD support and the like.

    If the NX is going to be revolutionary, I suspect it will be drastically more powerful that current systems, and if recent YouTube videos are to be believed, maybe it'll work very will with Unreal Engine 4.

  5. Sharon Stark PhD says:

    actually it was released on 9.9.99

  6. Virgie Stoltenberg says:

    If that was the case, the Neo wouldn't be the second longest supported console in history. You must've been in diapers when it was released.

  7. Dr. Kenny Kovacek III says:

    While Xbox had a higher clock rate, it was built on Celeron architecture, while Gamecube was built on the then-better PowerPC architecture, so it evened out a bit. In the end, Gamecube was better at some things, and Xbox was better at others (GC Res4 had amazing models and effects, XB Splinter Cell had amazing lighting and shaders), but they both totally smashed PS2 in terms of power.

  8. Prof. Demond Dietrich says:

    "Nintendo was doing VR two decades ago, so what's the next possible realm to tackle?"

    As far as I know Nintendo did not tackled VT bit instead worsen the VR industry.

  9. Camylle McKenzie Jr. says:

    Goldeneye on the N64 is the stuff of legends.

  10. Mr. Janick Langosh I says:

    The miniDVD discs actually stored more than the previous CD's systems used prior, but not as much as a full double layer DVD. It was chosen by Nintendo to prevent copyright infringement of its games (game pirating was HUGE at this time), to reduce cost by avoiding licensing fees to the DVD Forum and to reduce loading times.

  11. Evangeline Kub says:

    That would also make the NX cost near $2000.

    But it's nice to think about

  12. Dr. Ola Collier says:

    … That's like saying Nintendo sold every NES ever manufactured. Sure.. eventually.

    The support was not because of sales (the company also went bankrupt and they attribute piracy to that)… but the "no one owned a Neo Geo" was more a figure of speech because in everywhere but Japan.. here are the sales for the Neo Geo versions:
    Neo Geo AEG 60K
    Neo Geo CD 120K

    The rest were all sold in Japan. That's a VERY small user base for Europe and the US combined… over almost a decade. There's more people in Fayetteville, Arkansas than they sold of the AEG in 2 countries. So very very few people had it that didn't live in Japan… and even in Japan the sales were pretty low. So chances are, most people around here didn't ever encounter a Neo Geo in someone's home.

    I also am looking at my Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Intellivision sitting on my setup in my office haha.

  13. Lila Rempel says:

    How could this:

    "Nintendo previously announced that 2016 would also be the year it would release details on its new system"

    And this:

    "2016 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in the history of the company. We've heard rumours that Nintendo might reveal the NX before E3, with the possibility of a launch by the year's end."

    Results in this:

    "The Nintendo NX is coming out this year says President Kimishima"

    Poor journalism, or at least poor titling.

  14. Cayla Paucek IV says:

    If it had a blu ray player then I would ditch my PS3 and finally have a all in one console as my family love the Wii, have loads of game , also have a PS3 but used mainly for watching films

  15. Jaeden Macejkovic says:

    Nobody owned a Neo Geo… move along

  16. Lorena Rempel says:

    The SNES was definitely more powerful than the Genesis. You can even tell which is which from just playing the audio alone! The Genesis had a terrible audio format that sounded like it was coming from a single tin speaker. Could support over 32,000 colors vs 512. Could support over 256 simultaneously vs Genesis' 64. Almost twice as many sprites and 64×64 size vs 32×32…on top of a higher resolution.. along with more RAM. The only thing the Genesis had going for it was a faster processor.. which didn't really do much for it.

  17. Omari Botsford says:

    … load times wasn't the response… it was "looks". Stay on topic here.

  18. Cleta Bergnaum says:

    Too bad that power was hobbled by tiny disk sizes meaning games couldn't be as expansive and definitely couldn't have then-modern musical tracks instead of 1990's quality midi tracks.

  19. Frederique Kutch III says:

    Nintendo, skip the hardware and release your games on the PS4 and XBone, profits from day one.. You have crazy IPs, use them,,

  20. Prof. Nolan Greenfelder PhD says:

    This article is terrible. We know nothing about the NX other than it exists and techradar stretched it over two ad filled pages.

    "The Nintendo NX will be unlike any console the company has on the market, according to new Nintendo President Tatsumi Kmishima."

    "We need 3rd party support"

    Pick one, because you cannot have it both ways. If Nintendo hasn't learned that consumers want a bare bones power machine, and not a plethora of hardware gimmicks that come at the expense of power, then this truly is the last Nintendo console.

  21. Tavares Wunsch says:

    Wii U going down in history as Nintendo's worst selling console? Anyone remember the Virtual Boy? 😉

  22. Shanny Bernier DDS says:

    I love the Wii U and no matter how 'underpowered' it seems against PS4 and XB1 Mario Kart 8 is still one of the best looking games of this generation. Where Nintendo failed with Wii U was not making the name or the machine itself appear different enough from the original Wii. Perhaps calling it Wii2 might have been an idea and making the machine's appearance more distinctive. It's a shame because the touch-screen controller is brilliant and opens up some great innovative multi-player game modes when used properly.

    Nintendo could easily have sold more Wii U consoles if they could only get more 1st party software out each year. Most people would happily own a Nintendo machine as a 2nd console if only to play Nintendo's own games on it.

    I hope that they just call the next machine Nintendo; NEX, SNES, N64, they all bore the Nintendo name. I think it's time we all started 'going home to play Nintendo' again.

  23. Ashton Jacobi IV says:

    Well if they try to make it look anything like the wii-u no one would buy it. No one wants a handheld system they have to pay $300 for. When every other nintendo system cost less. PS2/PS3 has sold more then any system in histroy in the first 2 years. Nintendo allways makes the mistake of making way tomany limited/anniversary edition systems that no one would buy or want. Example the new pokemon anniversary 3ds xl system hasent sold at all. I work at gamestop in maryland we have more then 2,500 in stock and not a single one has sold it is just to ugly to buy. Add in the system is only worth a thing do to the skin yet you can buy the skin without buying the system. If only they made all limited edition systems number limited then people would buy them. Any system that is limited edition people want to have a limited amount on the market that is the whole point of the word's limited edition the max amount to be sold. That is what collectors want not some trashy looking system anyone could buy all day long. Games are a collectors market now people who play them daily will not normaly buy limited/collectors editions or be able to buy $100s in games that come out month after month. They need to take into account systems are dead it is all about the VR and 4k+ graphics now the old pacman generation is all but gone.

  24. Orval Bernhard says:

    Console/portable seems like cross purposes. Need 4K resolution and expensive GPU to compete with other consoles, but need low cost, low power, and built-in screen to compete with portables. I don't understand how you can do both with the same hardware. In fact, even laptops suck for high end gaming since you can't put an nVidia GTX 980 in them and still be portable. I think the smarter approach would be to use a DS-like device as a controller, but allow the controller to be used stand-alone for portable games. Any time it's close to the console, it could download new content through the console. Also, tying into existing home automation systems seems like a neat idea. Other route to go is supplying Nintendo content to smart phones, since everybody already has already has a cell phone.

  25. Axel Adams says:

    "…the Wii U will almost definitely go down in history as Nintendo's worst-selling console." – I thought that was the VirtualBoy? Did VB sell better than Wii U?

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