How to install Windows 7 from a USB key


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  1. Mike LivebytheNine Van Telgen says:

    how wil you ever get install.wim on fat32 ?

  2. gandharva81 says:

    ys i also have done this step to install windows 7 is one of one of the best and much more reliable.

    This is very easy if we take care about this then otherwise dangerous.
    But I like this…

    Have a good good day.

    best of Luck.

  3. pimlicosound says:

    I spent ages trying to get this to work, so I could install W7 on my netbook. Then I realised I could just run the install process from within my WinXP OS, pointing the installation towards my new, spare partition. The installation took care of itself, and I never needed any sort of external drive!

  4. awire says:

    This will be slower than using an NTFS partition.

    All you need to do is put the key into your pc, open My computer (depending on what version of windows or OS is) format the key to NTFS using the right click -> format mouse command. Then just copy all the files from the windows 7 disc directly onto the root of the USB key. Reboot then tell you pc to boot from usb key or removable drive or whatever your BIOS calls it.

    To make sure the Key is a primary partition which it should be, *just go to the control panel -> administration tools -> Computer management, then in the next window that pops up double click on “Storage” then “Diskmanagement(local)”. You should be able to see your USB Key there and it should have “Primary” next to it. If not delete the partition and create a new one and follow the onscreen wizzard making sure you make it a primary partition.


  5. Pilje says:

    Too complicated: Format your USB drive with simple right click-Format as NTFS (must). Than use 7Zip de-compression utility, find your Windows7 ISO installation, open it with 7Zip and extract all files onto your USB drive. That’s it. Same is with Win8 or 10.

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