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  1. Abdus Salam says:

    The Nexus 6P is an excellent camera, and if the writer of this article had used one or at least researched the performance of the 6P camera, they’d realise that in terms of low light capabilities, the 6P often beat the note 7 in majority of conditions!

  2. andy goodall says:

    Does it have a 3.5mm port?

  3. Gianandrea says:

    Pixel is not the first Android smartphone with snapdragon 821.

    1. Matt Swider says:

      First in the West. Specifically explained in the paragraph that says “Even better, it’s the first to the fast Snapdragon 821 processor in the Western world. The Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe didn’t come out in time to claim its ‘world first’ title in the US and UK.”

      I tested the Asus Zenfone 3 in Taipei, and it’s a nice phone, but it’s taking forever to get here.

      1. Gianandrea says:

        Honestly I was thinking about Xiaomi Mi5s / Mi5s plus and LeEco Le 3 pro. The most powerful Android smartphone right now, according to Antutu. Right under iPhone 7 and both with snapdragon 821 inside.

  4. Sovat Oung says:

    Aperture f/2.0 is a con, huh? WTF DXOMark has said camera on the Google due smartphones is the best it’s ever tested on a smartphone.

    1. Ara Arutyan says:

      S7 and Note 7 cameras have better low light performance still, because they have F1.7 lens which togehter with sensor combo delivers better low light and you can check that DXO review of Pixel – basically every S7 camera picture is better than Pixel one

      1. Matt Swider says:

        Ara Arutyan and Sovat Oung. This is why we’re curious to see how the Note7/S7 and Google Pixel/Pixel XL perform under our strict side-by-side comparisons. Stay tuned for an in-depth review and special feature in the next two weeks (release date is Oct 20, so around then). I’m curious to see how Google handles the post processing to make up for everything. It’s a smart phone, but THAT smart?!

  5. Wendell Brown says:

    Didn’t the 6p have a Snapdragon 810 instead of a 820?

    1. Matt Swider says:

      I did. I don’t think I said (and didn’t mean to imply) it had anything else.

  6. Prospekt arty says:

    Looks ugly! in this day and age of lower priced premium phones, Google has tossed it’s USP out the window in favour of premium pricing. This won’t work. It’s not Samsung or iPhone and the specs don’t warrant the high pricing charged. It doesn’t bring anything extraordinary to the table. What it offers has been done and dusted by other phones. Not wasting my money

  7. Horai says:

    It looks really ugly, blue is the worst. The back is glaring with 2 colors and the front has 2 black spot (sensors?) that seems out of place, especially the black spot in the centre. Definitely needs a case to hide it.

    Pixel certainly snatched the ugly crown from LG G5.

  8. benjamin owuye jagun says:

    Looks like I’m staying with Apple. Google can’t get away with charging premium prices for their Pixel phones like Apple and Samsung can as there’s no OIS, it’s not waterproof and for people who live their SD cards, not SD card slot either. At least with Apple I know I’m going to get more than 2 years of software updates. Looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, S7 and S7 Edge is still the best you can get on Android. Google dropped the ball with the Pixel with its boring and unimaginative design.

    1. blotched says:

      well thats funny cos the Pixels look a lot like iphones design. But agree would have liked microSD (S7 edge note have them and they’re fast) and water resistant. If they gonna charge as much they should have included at least one of those features. And they really need to up their bling game with those lame colors, only nice color is silver. I expect updates will continue well past 2 years, have an old nexus 4 still getting updates. Wonder whether they do wireless charging? S7 edge beats them all

    2. Mr. Peanutbutter says:

      It appears that they didn’t include OIS because the way they designed the camera and its software make it’s inclusion unnecessary. Until we’ve seen in depth reviews I would reserve judgment on the Pixel series. Water resistance is likely a null point as well since most phones these days are already designed to keep water out to an extent. SD cards have not been in a Google handset in years. Their inclusion is also not required and for two good reasons:

      1. Google Cloud/Photos and unlimited full size storage.
      2. The presence of an SD card no matter what speed class slows down Android due to it’s using system resources to access that on top of the on board memory. It literally makes android into a turtle.

      1. blotched says:

        not on s7 edge: microSD still blazin

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