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  1. W3oodstock says:

    Ok, glad we got our order in B4 the sell out, but would have been far more happier at the old Nexus Price Points. Would have bought two in fact. Time will tell if this sells any better than the Nexus brand.

  2. Emil Skobeloff says:

    Beware of the financing. It is through a bank called Synchrony bank. They are scam artists. They know the phone is $649. Instead of financing the full amount as advertised, they offer to check you for a credit upgrade at a different rate. Not 0% interest as advertised on the Google website. I am a physician with fabulous credit and no debt. This is a scam.

  3. MightyB69 says:

    There is no problem for Google to place the Pixel at the price point they want. They just need to know that building a brand takes time and that it will cost a lot of money. If they hang in there and give good service and so forth it will sell.. one day. Remember that 80-90% of people do not buy a new iPhone because of it’s features, build or quality. They buy it because it is the new thing from Apple and they have a good name, reputation and brand.

  4. ronmanager says:

    £600? They’ve got no chance. Their unique selling point was the great price on the previous Nexus phones. They’ve blown that away in style so who’s going to buy these at top end price? Nobody. For that price it needs to be waterproof, fireproof, indestructible, have a 60x optical zoom and be capable of projecting video onto a 20ft screen.

  5. James Fitzpatrick says:

    Why does the price matter? Nobody buys a phone these days, they just have it on a contract.

  6. Joff says:

    Slower than iPhone 6 !!!!!!

    1. Elli says:

      *Cough* LG V20 *Cough*

    2. Zbiba says:

      Not here in Canada, here it’s priced a tad LESS than the regular S7 which makes it a lot more competitive.

      NO way I would pick a regular Pixel over an S7E but next to a regular S7, I’m really thinking about it as an early upgrade to my S6 (broken screen)

    3. Lamont Collins says:

      I’m with ya, I haven’t used an SD card since the first Nexus that took them out. I am cloud based. Last week my niece factory reset my phone(by putting in the password too many times) and I was back up and running withing 30 minutes with minimal loss.

    4. Lamont Collins says:

      I feel the same EXACT way.

    5. Lamont Collins says:

      Im keeping my Gold 6p, its not even a debate.

    6. Sneaky Bot Beaver says:

      Good thing Apple kept being revolutionary with the removal of the headphone jack. /s

      A phone doesn’t have to be overly revolutionary to be good. The phone just has to be better than the competitors. Whether the phone is actually worth the high price point is another thing.

    7. Drunken Max says:

      The LG G5 has another USP but in many ways it resembles the iPhone including that ugly camera bump

    8. Drunken Max says:

      My point is the the S7 is more than halfway to being replace but is superior still. The Huawei P9 seems much better value for money if you want an iPhone clone.

    9. Drunken Max says:

      Valid points Mike but as someone who travels a lot, My S7 Edge has an 128gb card and is nearly full. The cloud is of no use to me travelling and I don’t want to have to start deleting apps to get upgrades.

      1. Prospekt arty says:

        Most people do not use up to two-thirds of the apps they download. These just take up space and suck the life out of the battery

    10. TheScientists says:

      And you may be right. Time will tell. I get the feeling that Google is willing to take losses on this 1st round of Pixels, and see what works / what doesn’t, then re-adjust for round 2. It’s hard for me to believe they will sell in great numbers either, this 1st generation.

      But as far as pricing goes, Google thinks that their software, a great camera, free cloud storage and 24/7 on-device support is worth the extra $$. We shall see.

  7. Mark Phillips says:

    MASSIVE TIP : save yourself a load of money and buy a nexus will do EVERYTHING a so called premium phone from any other
    manufacturer will do.

  8. Agustin Diaz Colodrero says:

    Oneplus 3, $400
    Google go home

  9. Mark Wheeler says:

    “QUESTIONAL DESIGN” who wrote the garbage? I know, A iPhone idiot!

  10. Mark Phillips says:

    MASSIVE TIP : save yourself a load of money and buy a nexus will do EVERYTHING a so called premium phone from any other
    manufacturer will do.

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