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  1. jewgong says:

    uhhhh isnt the connectivity of these whats cause them to not be released yet? probably shouldnt be in the pro section….

  2. disqus_1S1GyNUnq5 says:

    to me the earpods have the same incentive as the upcoming nintendo switch. i’m not using my wired headphone very often anymore. the sound quality of the iphone is basically excremental. it is just no fun listening to music on an iphone. although i like buying gadgets this and the switch just make me scratch my head. the switch also got all these features i would not want to use in a hundred years.

  3. marcyff2 says:

    “familiar earpod design”
    To whom? Every person i know, is well aware of how bad apple designs ear pieces try to run with one and it keeps falling off.
    I mean i am sure they must be good for something, but don’t give them positive points for something that is not positive

  4. Andrzej says:

    Sean Landberg, … I thought people in UK are cleverer than that. Thats funny or rather sad comment … ” Uug — how do you change the volume … ? here in UK ‘nobody’ is gonna stand on the tube and shout at Siri ‘Volume up’ !! … oops , I got it. It is your First Smart Phone. It’s OK to hate Apple, just try to do it without embarrassing yourself.

    1. Sean Landberg says:

      Just embarrassed yourself 😉

    2. Sean Landberg says:

      Hello … I have been using Apple since 1997 , live pretty much must that they do. I find it so rude your language to another human being oh well I guess that’s why there is so much rife and war in the world … Apple has made such a brilliant device what I have been waiting for but I’m sorry I sure as hell not talking to it every time I want adjust the volume !!!! If you ever catch the tube in London you know you need to adjust the volume all the time. And the whole point of wireless is to be free of your device and have to dig it out every time you need to adjust the volume. ……. Thx

    3. Dr. Stephen Falken says:

      LOL, I actually agree with Sean and I’we had phones I could give voice command to since 1996 or something like that.
      If you are so socially weird that you see no problem with talking to your phone, that actually make you the embarrassing one.

      1. Sean Landberg says:

        Thanks Doc 😉

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Well this reviewer, just like all the others have not mentioned the single most important performance question . . . Is there any DELAY caused by the fact they are wireless, so that if you watch a movie, the audio and video sync is correct or not?

    1. Scott Davidson says:

      Yes, because this is technically a digital audio signal, some latency must exist. Now, whether said latency is 5 milliseconds or less making it unnoticeable to the human ear or not, I cannot say without testing it for myself.

  6. Will Maitner says:

    Do they warn you when they are too far apart, like if you leave on in your ear and walk away from the other one?

  7. johnmontemarano says:

    Sega CD still has better sound. Why…CDs are uncompressed audio. Music you listen to on portable electronics like smartphones are all highly compressed to save room or limit the amount of data being streamed.

    1. Dr. Stephen Falken says:

      iTunes have ALAC files, i.e. lossless compression if you want it.

  8. AHYL88 says:

    That final line “all while everyone is focused on the past and the missing headphone jack” is pretty patronising; people prefer wired headphones for a number of reasons. They’re not as outrageously expensive as these things and can deliver very good decent sound quality regardless, like Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x for example. And people have spent a lot on wired headphones because they’re very good at delivering top sound quality. You shouldn’t have a pop at people like that when not everyone will want wireless headphones, especially those that spend hundreds or even thousands on them, or want to spend this much on headphones.

    1. O Yeller King says:

      Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50x are an example. Great sound quality at a reasonable price

  9. DecimationPro says:

    Compare this with some average decent in-ear headphones like Sennheisers:

    More expensive
    Worse audio
    Bad noise cancellation
    No rubber buds
    No volume rocker and mic control

    Like the mic being on headset and not flopping on your shirt

    Fact is that their are other WIRELESS headsets for cheaper that are better and that most mid range earbuds have none-tangle cables.

  10. Dave says:

    In my opinion, ‘no more tangled headphone cables’ is not really a positive – I’ve never been wracked with despair at my headphone cables’ want to tangle up, and it takes barely a few seconds to detangle them if they are. It’s hardly an argument that warrants the purchase of £120-odd pair of bluetooth headphones, or for the removal of the universal 3.5mm jack. Furthermore, that ‘no more tangled headphone cables’ is your first positive is also something of a backhanded compliment, if that is the best reason you can think of for Apple deciding to bin the 3.5mm jack. It pales into insignificance when weighed against the drawbacks of a) something else to charge, and b) what happens if you lose one.

    I can’t believe you’ve also not put a further drawback relating to the price, and to the fact that iPhone 7 users have essentially had the functionality of being able to listen to music whilst charging removed, unless they invest in (preferably) these expensive headphones, or indeed, any other set of bluetooth headphones.

    1. ryanj says:

      To be fair, their ‘against’ arguments are just as silly…

      “another thing to charge” is not a real argument, as pretty much everything will have to be charged.

      and “what happens if you lose one” is also a pointless argument, as the same can be said about any small item you own. They’re just jumping on the meme bandwagon, where people just like to make pointless criticisms in an attempt to be humorous.

      1. Rann Xeroxx says:

        Totally disagree. I religiously recharge my phone when its not in my pocket. I have had wireless headphones before that I would use for a bit then set them done for a while and use them again. At some point I forget to charge them and they die. Has happened more than once. I now use wired for both music and phone calls.

        1. ryanj says:

          I see where you’re coming from, but in the future most things will be completely wireless. And the same argument will stand.

          Similar to people saying you may lose them. I genuinely believe they are just looking for reasons to moan about Apple. As soon as Beats or Bose make similar wireless earphones, it suddenly won’t be an issue, and they’ll be desperate to buy them.

      2. mcrobbj says:

        Wired Headphones don’t need charged, I have wireless headphones that I use for running with my Sony Smartwatch 3 ( dont’ need a phone), they are connected to each other so I wouldn’t loose them ( unlike the apple ones). I am quiet disciplined with charging for a run, but wouldnt use them for mainsream listening as it would be a pain plus the sound isnt as good as wired ( not that bothers Apple as the don’t use a lossless format)

  11. Sean Landberg says:

    Uug — how do you change the volume … ? here in UK ‘nobody’ is gonna stand on the tube and shout at Siri ‘Volume up’ !! – APPLE pls add a touch based slider on those white stalks to adjust the volume !!!

    1. BenKing says:

      Your phone has volume buttons.

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