Garmin adds heart rate to entry-level Forerunner 35 GPS watch


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  1. mkreiger says:

    So the wrist-based optical heart rate monitor is showing up on more and more devices; is this because the technology is becoming more reliable, or just cheaper and more efficient? Really the main thing that’s been holding me back from giving them a try is the stories I hear about HR readings being off by varying (but significant) amounts.

    Well, that, and the fact that my Forerunner 230 is rated with about 2-4 times the battery life of the 235, which is essentially the same watch plus built in HRM.

  2. dubuque.logan says:

    @longrunsean These sensors (and the algorithms that go with them) tend to vary from company to company. I have found Garmin’s sensor to be quite good. It will sometimes fluctuate during hard interval workouts, but you can still pair a chest strap on those days. For 99% of people, it will be just fine (that is assuming this is the same sensor as used in the FR235,735XT and Fenix 3 HR). 

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