Game on: Samsung launches its quantum dot curved gaming monitors


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  1. Jake Passafiume says:

    I would much rather have display port then hdmi. Hdmi is old fashioned. If ur GPU doesn’t have display port you prob shouldn’t get this monitor anyway.

    1. Slomo069 says:

      If your gpu does not have hdmi it’s old fashioned.

  2. Jake Passafiume says:

    Why no g-sync model as well? Most of gamers have Nvidia GPUs so it’s useless for most people.

    1. drakeconwell says:

      you think most people have Nvidia cards. more than half but not most…

  3. ollie says:

    Freesync still uses displayport or HDMI for the video cable and neither DP or HDMI have any Vsync style functionality built in so don’t compete with freesync in any way.

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