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  1. Stephen Gregory says:

    In career mode, I think that when you play as a lower division, say bottom of the barrel league 2 in the four England leagues, when you gain promotion you should also gain either funds for a new stadium, new kits (or kit design), or a storyline along the lines of how far they’ve come or something of the sorts. Also a star level rating (or overall) that goes either up or down with promotion/relegation (like it does online in pro clubs) and your player progression/decline in progression (just like match day ratings in play now). It’s just a few little things that are already implemented in other parts of the game. On the topic of climbing a lower team up the ranks, the same goes for money allocation in the upcoming seasons. You should be able to get an investor or sponsors that will intrust funds for either an objective based goal or finishing rank or just because they ‘believe’ in you. I shouldn’t have to say that the youth development system is just messed up altogether as far as progression goes. Some nice maintenance could go into that as it seems super robotic and already pre calculated.. As opposed to throwing your 60 overall dude in and he scores multiple goals and gets good passing percentages for a few games maybe he gets credited for that kind of stuff instead of having to depend on the weekly trainings to boost random traits. I know it sounds like I’m complaining. I promise I’m not I just think this game has so much potential to be the best of the best. Ultimate team is cool I suppose. The journey was the something different to get a new demographic in and worked. It was neat. But a lot could go into career mode seeing as that’s something people play for a long and extended period of time. I myself am in year 2024 on my second run-through with portsmouth and am in the premier league with quite the lineup. it wasn’t easy for sure but it’s just super boring now and there isn’t much surprise or anything mixing things up. Maybe a rival manager that you compete with throughout your career and maybe when he moves to a different league you have the opportunity to move there to or stay and he comes back or whatever. Something to spice it up. Rant over. Thanks for viewing. EA if you’re hiring I’m your guy.

  2. Michael Brennan says:

    I don’t play Ultimate Team so I would like some simple things in career mode, changing fonts and badges when teams get promoted and relegated (they put super bowl badges and pink kit items in on Madden so it must be possible) The ball changing to the winter ball in October to March. Kit Design, playing with West Ham in season 2024 with Olympic Park 2016-2017 is annoying, PES do kit design. A better search facility on Career mode, search by pace, age, shooting, strenght etc. Players not signing for any team that bids. I had Rashford amoungst others at Pompey in League 2!!

  3. chamelious says:

    I’d be happy if they could just make it so the CPU doesn’t play like a psychic robot.

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