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  1. KojakWeb says:

    A couple of points

    Any issues with a prolonged racing session? The Thrustmaster TX’s active cooling can only do so much, so during prolonged use, the force feedback does get dialed down by the wheel to protect itself.

    Pricing with standard shipping comes to @ £640. You can get the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition bundle which can be bought for around £320 (RRP is £400). The wheel that gets bundled in this kit is leather clad and fantastic. It comes with the T3PA pedal set which is really very good (especially if mounted onto a rig), alternatively you could sell the T3PA and use the proceeds of that to offset the cost of getting the T3PA-Pro pedals (£130) if you feel so inclined.

    Fanatec is supposedly smoother than the Thrustmaster TX in most instances. Some people have commented that the Thrustmaster is smoother when the wheel is close to it’s centre, e.g. high speed gentle bends.

    So is the Fanatec worth all that extra money, for a wheel base with better smoothness and led stripe, a steering wheel with illuminated Revstripe, and the brake pedal with a loadcell attached for double the price of the Thrustmaster? If you already have the Thrustmaster, probably not. If I had more money than sense, I would probably skip both, and go for either the Fanatec ClubSport V2 or the SimXperience AccuForce along with a motion platform and triple monitors (hell, whilst I’m dreaming, why not also add an Occulus Rift).

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