Epic Games co-founder thinks Microsoft wants to ‘monopolise’ PC gaming


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  1. Kaitlin Harris Sr. says:

    Why can i only upvote this once????

  2. Durward Jones says:

    It's no different than what Apple does. No one complains IOS is locked down?

    Besides UWP is optional. There's no way all software makers will use it.

  3. Devon Runolfsson says:

    A 'nightmare'? Really? Settings > privacy > general > 'install apps from anywhere' > padlock. Hardly an arduous process.

  4. Cortney Balistreri says:

    If Microsoft as they have indicated, in the future support a limited set of hardware on Windows 10…

    I think you misunderstood. MS stated that they will stop W7/W8 support for Skylake CPUs onwards. Only enterprise customers are likely to load W7 on new hardware as MS have stop selling that OS.

  5. Destiny Leffler says:

    UWP probably won't take off in the way that Microsoft want it too, however the idea of having a central store with any other install method turned off (with a hidden setting) has been standard on Mac for years…

    It becomes another instance of accepting things that Apple throw out, but as soon as someone else tries to do something vaguely similar it causes a backlash.

  6. Daniella Kertzmann DDS says:

    Have you ever tried browsing the file system of a mac? Or tried to change some of the settings regarding to see hidden files?

    Installing apps on a Mac from the web is an absolute nightmare that involves having to change your privacy settings first in order to open it. Sometimes the app is outright blocked by the OS from running at all!

    With regards to UWP specifically, I would rather have 1 central storefront to get my games, apps and updates rather than 4 or 5 (Steam, Origin, WinStore etc.)

  7. Prof. Maria Cummings PhD says:


    It depends.

    With Apple you purchase the Product (hardware and software, with service).

    With Microsoft you purchase the Operating System only. The PC is yours.

    If Microsoft as they have indicated, in the future support a limited set of hardware on Windows 10, and deprecate all software except their DirectX 12, and only through UWP can you use DirectX 12, then this will guide games fown through to their pay system (30% cut has been indicated in the Guardian article).

    I have seen statements that Vulcan is an alternative API (this is not my speciality), but, if Microsoft in some way cause Vulcan to be less optimal, and who could prove it ???., then Microsoft will surely increase their revenues.

    Windows 10 is "free", and Microsofts agressive approach to ensuring people upgrade to Windows 10 is becoming clearer. Recall XBOX One issues before it was released. Recall that Microsoft have back ported their telemetry to WIndows 7, 8.0, 8.1

    I suppose we will have to wait and see what their strategy is – but based on the past 2 years behaviour, i think that they have changed their attitude to the detriment of the PC buying public.



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