E3 2016: These 8 PS4 games from E3 will help keep Sony ahead


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  1. Dr. Jose Erdman says:

    uh. unless you have some fresh insider information, there is no confirmation whatsoever that Naughty Dog is working on the last of us 2. people are hoping that they are, but there was nothing concrete said other than hiring people for emotionally engaging third person title (which is basically Naughty dog games, period – yes Uncharted included) and that they are planning on finishing work on Uncharted 4 first… so at most, they might be discussing possibilities for their next game while working on Uncharted 4 story DLC.

  2. Destany Kozey says:

    Horizon, Spiderman, Days Gone and Detroit are all going on my watch list.

    The only issue I have is with Detroit. I loved Fahrenheit. I loved Heavy Rain, but beyond put me off a bit, I don't know if it was because of poor direction in some areas, or if its because I have the same name as the 'entity' or because they kept pronouncing my name wrong. (Aiden = Ay-den. Not Eye-den)

  3. Kirstin Ward MD says:

    Can u imagine if Resident Evil 7 was a ps4 exclusive. I would have to buy a ps4 just for that (and ace combat too). For now nothing seems (to me at least) to be all that intriguing to warrant a purchase of the ps4. My Xbox is running strong and has games I genuinely enjoy. Not saying I wouldn't enjoy Sony's games, but again, not enough to buy a ps4.

    What I will say, and I stand by it, is that Microsoft's conference wasn't really all that great this year. Seemed as if it was a missed opportunity to come out guns-blazing like last year. Maybe they have more up their sleeves hopefully.

    Kudos to Sony and their press conference as well as the ps4 selling of the shelves like no tomorrow.

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