E3 2016: E3 2016: All the news, trailers and first impressions from the show


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  1. Prof. Brice Braun DDS says:

    I just want to see some decent titles released and also it would be nice if Microsoft wouldn't mess this one up…for such a large company, it amazes me how sloppy and ignorant they can be. Sony, can show it's stuff, but often just has to keep quiet and let competitors make a mess of themselves…sort of like E3 2013?

  2. Trenton Koepp says:

    I would think that Nintendo would be a more prominent article since it's the first time it goes to E3 with the new director. Also Sony could possibly mention (and or tease) the new project by Kojima studios. Also there have been developments in the Kingdom hearts saga. which could be exciting.

  3. Ruben Bernhard says:

    I wish Steam never got as huge as it did. Big money destroyed any chances of HL3 ever happening. It's so sad.

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