E3 2016: 8 things we’ve learned about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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  1. Fredy Medhurst PhD says:

    I think if they were going to have a female protagonist, it doesn't mean that Zelda needs to be the lead. You could have a female Link and still have princess Zelda. Preferably with a romance between the two. Oh yes.

  2. Brielle Lebsack MD says:

    I would like you to know that shrines are a completely separate aspect to the game than dungeons. Dungeons are still going to be there as well as Shrines. It's best you fix that error in your article before you mislead people and make some very mad Zelda fans

  3. Adalberto Schmitt I says:

    Really? You had to namedrop iPad because Link uses something like a tablet?

    And nothing about the state of the Master Sword at the end? Did you even see many nicks on the Master Sword and what appears to be rust on it as well.

    Fans would be coming up with crazy theories about when this Zelda is set and why the Master Sword looks like that.

  4. Jarvis Rath says:

    hahahaha! that is all. Fkn Apple freaks think they know it all, but not even close… market share :-)

  5. Coty Gibson says:

    As much as you might not like it, for the majority of people the "default" tablet is the iPad, much like the "default" e-book reader is the Kindle.

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