Coleco Chameleon developer closes up shop, triggers flood of 8-bit tears


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  1. Mrs. Carlie Wunsch PhD says:

    The Coleco Chameleon didn't go the way of the Atari Lynx. The Lynx was a real console (err… handheld) that actually came out and played real, proprietary software. The Chameleon (RetroVGS) was nothing more than good intentions represented by deception. The "prototype" at the Toy Fair was nothing more than a SNES mini in an Jaguar shell.

  2. Mr. Xzavier Jast says:

    No one is crying over this turd

  3. Merritt Doyle says:

    Litetally no one is sad about this. It was not a Colecovision sequel. I have hundreds of completely readable and functioning cartridges. This is ignorance.

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