Buying Guide: 6 top computer cases: best PC case for your next gaming machine


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  1. Amara Predovic DVM says:

    Corsair Graphite Series 780T. /thread =)

  2. Anjali Bruen says:

    The FT02 from Silverstone looks and cools better than the HAF X though is due for a USB 3 update.

  3. Tess Fadel says:

    I've got the R5, and it's an *excellent* case. Really nicely designed, with velcro strips for cable management, and special gaps to feed said cables through so that they're not hanging like a portion of toddler spagetti over your motherboard. But the killer feature is that it's very quiet, very very quiet. GTX 970 and 6700k with Hyper 212 EVO under full load and you can barely hear it even if you're sitting right by it. I'm not sure I could go back to having a PC which sounds like a loud hair-drier now. I really can't recommend the case enough, especially if your PC is in a shared space like a living room, or you make music with it.

    The added bonus is that it's basically a large black box, rather than looking like a Super Dooper Hi-Tech Case For Really Fast Computerers designed by a bored 12 year old boy with a love of electric colours and superfluous LEDs.

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