Buying Guide: 10 best GoPro and Action cameras 2016


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  1. Polly D'Amore says:

    I would like to see TechRadar cover some of the cheaper/Chinese versions of these action cams, I've seen some going for around 50 quid on eBay and other sites. Maybe for some a cheaper version with all the attachments are much better value for money for some that aren't expecting to create the slick GoPro videos you see on their YouTube channel.

  2. Dr. Bernice Herzog says:

    I've always wondered about that. Is the mount easily broken away when you fall or do you break your neck?

  3. Mr. Russell Carroll MD says:

    It holds it strong, but with some force comes off with ease. These cameras weight very little, so no need for very strong hold.

  4. Jamey Franecki says:

    I have only some of them, but I must say that a good action camera is Drift Stealth or Ghost. Small and aerodynamic as every action camera should be. I hate cube-shaped cameras, because they distract me when I have them on the helmet. And they look stupid. :)

  5. Dr. Roel Ferry says:

    Intova Edge X Waterproof camera – checkout this camera it is way better that the ones listed in this article and the price is really where it should be, not over priced like the gopros are. and it has a ZOOM wow!

  6. Isai Rosenbaum says:

    those are OK, i have one, the videos is about what you pay for, but its pretty good. Bit glitchy/cheaply made as you would expect.

  7. Bernardo Mann says:

    The Replay Mini XD is a very good alternative too if you don't like the ugly box design.

  8. Destiny Schowalter says:

    Personally I'm a pretty big fan of my SJCam. Only problem with it is making sure you get a real one and not one of the numerous fakes.

  9. Noemy Stehr II says:

    "They" don't look stupid…. but I agree that I loved my aerodynamic Contour 'till I exchange a Contour movie with another paraglider who was using a GoPro. After he edited our raw shots into one single movie, all could see the obvious drop in image quality between the Contour & the GoPro… The next day I ordered a GoPro that I've been happily using ever since :)

  10. Mrs. Jude Bins Sr. says:

    The iSAW Edge price is a real bug!!! The correct price is 189$, try the link and see for yourself! Too bad that this article was not corrected before printing.

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