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  1. Morris Rosenbaum says:

    Confused AF lol. Can never build a PC so I just need a laptop where it can run games smoothly and not heat up. DO I need to buy a cooler as well? Or just put the laptop on top of two books?

  2. Mrs. Jackeline Runolfsson Sr. says:

    obliviously, not teaching them how to read…

    love the profile pic….

  3. Mr. Macey Dickinson says:

    I really don't get why the companies that manufacturer gaming laptops seem to have completely given up actually designing them.

    If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want it to look as good as it performs, yet all of the above are cheap looking plasticy things.

    Even Alienware have ditched their older metal designs in favour for cheap plastic casings, and it's not even as if their's a weight improvement with that choice. My old metal Alienware M17r3 is only marginally heavier, and marginally thicker, than the current crop.

  4. Mr. Charlie Abbott PhD says:

    What are you a Hobbit? 10.5 too much for your hairy feet to carry?

  5. Margarete Prohaska says:

    The only one that doesn't look like a concrete slab, even if it weighs more like one (irrelevant to me). I wish Asus didn't do away with the G750 design, it's the best looking laptop I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, it's the only one that is flawless, while there is a very few others that look even decent.

  6. Ryley Stoltenberg IV says:

    I have the GT70. I'm not a huge gamer, but I've been impressed with it so far. It's also my first MSI product and I have to say, I'll definitely use them again.

  7. Gia Haag says:

    pc gaming is for effing casuals its all about consoles

  8. Miles Waters says:

    Alienware 18 , MSI CUK MSI GT80 and ASUS G751JY are the best!
    Just Google "OfmeNet gaming laptops" You will find great list.

  9. Kailee Rice says:

    yeah but 10.5 pounds? imagine being a college student and having that thing in a bag, + a binder full of paper and docs, and 3-4+ textbooks. you'd be hauling 50lb bag around like a construction worker moving cement bags by hand…..

  10. Ms. Juliet O'Conner says:

    I think Intel's ultrabook standard killed the gaming laptops as much as anything. Super-thin lacky performance ultrabooks are separated to their own area but get all the attention in retail. Companies once involved with gaming/high end desktop replacement laptops (often nailed it – Samsung, Sony) know nowadays full size laptops get stuck in a dark corner and have no chance at volume sales. These companies have either left the full size/performance segment behind or exited that segment altogether. Lenovo has veered toward "chineese cheap looking plastic crap" I don't like any of their stuff lately. Lenovo also seems abhorrent to using better quality, bright LCD panels (this is nothing new). This leaves the smaller "niche" manufacturers that never got huge numbers before **because** they just couldn't (lack engineering re$ources) or wouldn't (marketed to 15 year olds) nail in a good looking design with the right combination of hardware that makes us want to buy. I know what I want: Quality-look-form of the Samsung 680/880s with updated hardware and that bright beautiful touchscreen from the Sony Flip 15s (or the gorgeous display from the Sam 680 with a few extra LEDs to get that glossy screen a little brighter outside), yes it should flip into tablet mode **exactly** like the flip 15s..Sony nailed that one. The touchscreen assembly Sony used is actually made by LG, and it's really not expensive (unless you're a corporate CEO*accountant*caugh* absolutely determined to be cheap). Were buying high powered gaming/desktop replacements when not running games damn it I want a touchscreen, and I want to be able to sit near a window at Starbucks, and for $2000+ it better not look gawd awful compared to a $800 MacBook snoot in the next seat over. Macbooks are notoriously cheap and plastic (do they even use screws anymore or is the whole thing slapped together with elmers?) it's not difficult to make something that looks inherently nicer, especially closeup. Again: I blame Intel. They decided to act like a monopoly and dictate what the market is supposed to want by strict design specifications and marketing tactics (effectively punishing everything else) instead of just letting the market remain mixed and diverse. Intel is cutting their own throats in the long run. As ultrabook designs fall in price they'll need to revert back to "old faithful" HPC high margin chip sales. The problem with that is, we are 1 by 1 souring on the idea of a large stationary desktop rigs. The natural evolution is to high powered laptops which Intel seems determined to kill off if even unintentionally.

  11. Cooper Reinger says:

    Just watch your power jack. They heat up and smoke lol. The engineer who designed the power circuitry needs to be demoted to bathroom janitor.

  12. Dr. Pearline Reichel I says:

    all Intel too rich for my blood I prefer AMD

  13. Maurice D'Amore says:

    This FTW the GT72 really bangs the buck, 1200€ for the 6gb 970 version, add +50€ for a SSD and you wont even touch a desktop pc for the same price.

  14. Miss Rosetta Kertzmann says:

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  15. Theodore Hane III says:

    Dont think you realise how powerful the new laptop gpus are. Some of these can run crysis 3 ultra on 40 fps easy.
    You qont get a desktop anywhere near $800 dollar that can do that. Maybe double it.

  16. Kennedy Kulas says:

    Ummmm….. This article *says* it was posted 1/24/2016, but it has comments from *a year ago*!!?? AND the specs are 4th Gen i7 CPUs ?! (except the recently added HP).

    I'm not against re-using articles but at least update the specs?

    My specs for gaming/intensive 3D/GIS work are:
    – i7 6th gen (don't need OC-able)
    – 17" screen
    – GTX 970M/980M
    – 16GB RAM

    I'm looking at these:
    ASUS ROG G752:
    MSI Apache:

  17. Prof. Gerson Flatley says:

    What a suprise you completely ignored 90% of my comment and just replied with something stupid…..what are they teaching kids these days…

  18. Emmie Beahan says:

    Number 3 the MSI GT80 Titan is by far the most powerful, dual 980m's hit similar framerates as a Single Titan X gpu. Also has a mechanical k/b which seals the deal gaming wise.

    Easily the most powerful gaming laptop in the world.

    The fact that whoever wrote this, says "I'd love to see what it could do with a desktop GTX980" is clueless. 2x 980m destroy a single desktop 980 by a long way. The writer is just lazy a quick google search would have shown he is wrong.

  19. Dr. Geoffrey Monahan Sr. says:

    It's a gaming laptop, not a notebook.

  20. Ms. Hertha Abernathy V says:

    This did not answer the question: If you could chose one laptop without thinking on the pricetag, just thinking on performance, what would you chose? What is the best laptop for gaming!?

  21. Deondre Ondricka says:

    get a computer with a small case

  22. Luciano Rice says:

    I hvnt use that yet.. still looking for the perfect one.. but new lines of alienware, asus, acer gaming laptops are released. U cn check them too.

  23. Prof. Arnulfo Bergstrom I says:

    HAH 2k+ for a crappy gaming device? i could spend 800$ to get a maxed computer. Laptops are weak for gaming. better for running minesweeper on min settings

  24. Karlee Jacobi says:

    What about Eurocom? They make incredible portable workstations for engineers and a couple of 3d design laptops that have two video cards. One for everyday and one for serious work along with the added cooling fans and huge power. They also have a used list on their site which what I always look at. Some really good deals on machines without OS's. (Optional)

  25. Candice Wintheiser says:

    Why is Asus not on this list but HP is, and at that qualified as a gaming laptop to be at #4????? lmfao!!! Well whoever wrote this you can take your HP gaming laptop lmfao!!! I'll be on my Asus G752 thank you very much!! Obviously this article is just based on a persons choice of laptops in order of what they'd use and not so much in knowledge.

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