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  1. Dr. Ova Hartmann I says:

    Why ArkMC and MyAudioStream are not in the list. The apps are upnp andlna compatible with the sharing and playback features in media (ArkMC)n and music (MyAudioStream).

  2. Toney Will II says:

    Great list of apps. Thanks for sharing! A couple of interesting ones that I will try out for sure. Regarding productivity app. I would like to recommend Meetings, a great app http://themeetingsapp.com/ that helps you managing your meetings. It works on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  3. Asha Baumbach II says:

    I started surfing the internet in the mid 90's using Netscape navigator, It was awesome to watch web sites advance over the years to be easier to access information up to now, web site are beautiful and efficient, But lately it's started to regress to where it started, You have to read 50 pages to see a list of 50 items, it take 15 to 20 minutes now to do what took 5 minutes a couple of years ago, are we going to revert back to Pentium processors and 56K modems now?, Tech Radar, you have written some excellent articles over the years, but DON'T insult your readers intelligence with this crap.

  4. Hipolito Reynolds says:

    51 pages to read one article, are u nuts? Techradar just made it onto my adblock list. Nice going idiots.

  5. Donavon Walker says:

    Here's one for your list. One best and funniest apps I have used on the iphone is SoundActions. It allows you to set up a sound, picture or text when a sound is made. I have made loads of people almost lose their lunch. Also works as a great shusssh machine for the kids. But the best thing about it is it is TOTALLY FREE!!!


  6. Unique Doyle Sr. says:

    51 Pages…What a Joke!!!!! Too bad they don't have an App on where NOT to look for App Reviews. Come on guys…Get real!!!! Hopefully your advertisers will see all the customers you are alienating by having them look thru 51 pages to read your article…I for one will NOT!!!

  7. Mrs. Nicole Bartell says:

    fuck this list layout

  8. Simeon Larkin says:

    herez the new 2014 list for all superb alltime hits apple apps

  9. Prof. Jamarcus Gusikowski says:

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  10. Sabrina Langworth says:

    I only read page 1,

  11. Dr. Hester Volkman says:

    Skip this 51 page travesty of an article, save yourself some damn time and go check out the tech behind djvoxchanger.com. I don't understand it but it has my vote for most impressive new app of 2016 (so far at least). It can separate vocals from a song them only transform the vocals, not the music. Can anyone tell me HOW? Had to pay 99 cents for the effects but worth it.

  12. Prof. Chance Hilll V says:

    Agreed. I spent a few seconds searching for a "view article in one page" link and couldn't find it. Forget this.

  13. Delphine Windler says:

    You have forgotten the best free iPhone game of the year: Quentavure Land.;)

  14. Daron Greenholt PhD says:

    Do you honestly expect me to scroll through 51 pages to read one article? Just put them on one page. I know the ad revenue is tempting, but your article is worthless as it stands now.

  15. Mr. Immanuel Denesik says:

    Clearly they don't give a rats ass about our opinion. The number of pager grew from 51 to 83 pages… What a joke!!!

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