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  1. Dave says:

    It’s ugly as hell. Needs to be round.

  2. tcugrilla says:

    And unfortunately I have come to realize I dislike it not being round. I had my hopes up but now they are dashed.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.

    Wait and watch.

    And watch.



  4. versamtl says:

    I am planing on buying the next generation Apple Watch. My biggest complaint would be waterproofing, I want to at least be able to wear my watch in the shower, I will take it off to swim but it should not be the case. More watch independence from the phone, WiFi would be a good start along with GPS.

  5. Tad Bootle says:

    It’s not “revert back” it’s just “revert”. Mine hardly ever connects to my phone for texts if it’s in my pocket and always asks what language I want then says message send failure, the whole watch is a failure, it’s a piece of crap, an expensive novelty.

    1. Dana W says:

      Mine works fine. Bring yours in, it has a warranty,

  6. smith_09 says:

    Nice article but not updated from long. I found Latest Reviews of Apple Watch Here: . . . You should read it before buying one for you!!!

  7. Ulrik says:

    If Apple Watch 2 does not have GPS then I won’t buy. I won’t have a smart watch that requires me to run with my watch and my phone.

  8. Bill says:

    At the very least, Apple must make the watch the best voice controlled computer in the industry. Furthermore it has as to have more valuable stand alone (not tethered to an iphone) capability. Then add a battery life of three days and it will be a winner.

  9. Jerry Hunt Jr. says:

    Love mine. Had it since it came out and use it every day. Don’t wear my Other more expensive watches anymore unless it’s a special occasion.

    Loads of features that are on your phone but now on your wrist
    Works as a remote for your phone
    Phone lost in your couch, it can find it
    Is awesome working with your gps while driving
    Can use stand alone to run/workout AND listen to music
    Can access the internet if your phone has already accessed the hot spot pout your using, goes great with city wide internet like time warner or att
    Works in conjunction with the apps on your phone
    Can make calls from it
    Can send / receive emails from it
    Can respond / receive texts from it
    Love the Digital Crown
    Has Bluetooth capability

    Loads more features and you can set it up to work into your life as you would your phone…

    This is not meant to replace your phone and the features of your phone, but to enhance the overal experience of using your phone.

    Dictation can be an issue
    Siri is better on your phone
    No gps on board
    Replacement bands are costly, but cool…
    Sometimes the wake on raise feature can be annoying
    Battery life is a bit of an issue, but as you should not be on your phone 24/7 so shouldn’t you be on the watch
    Charging every night needs to be a habit or else the next day sucks
    Would be nice to stream some video and video calls

    I’ll tell you I’m a fan but I understood what this was getting into it. An add on to your iPhone experience. The ability to leave your phone in your purpose or pocket and do things that should only take a second from your wrist…

    Those of you addicted to using your phone constantly will find this concept alien, but those of you who wish to be cortious to others and not walk into walls will appreciate this very cool watch. Pricey?? I really did t think so… It’s not an iPad, but it is in iPod….

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and if you want full feature functionality, you will need way better processing and a larger screen no matter which way you slice it and that won’t make a very compact wearable gadget.

    As far as waterproof, I’ve had zero issues in rain, washing hands, are general wet environments. Even went to the gym and forgot it was on my wrist and went into a hot tub for half an hour before I realized. Not one single issue. I’ve since swam in my pool with it and still no issues. Would I go diving with it on, no!! Why would I need to to?? I would use a watch that has diving features on its face and this one doesn’t not. Would a sail with it on? You bet! With Moe fear of falling in the drink. That’s already more than you can do in the water with your iPhone…

    Think about what this is and why your getting into it… The phone still has its place as do the iPads and iPods of the world, and they make calls the very same way the watch does… So maybe try having an open mind or better yet, get one yourself and take it for a drive, kick the tires and open her up, I’m certain the thing will impress you on some level… My Rolex is jealous of my Apple Watch everyday… Why? ‘Cause it tells time better and let’s me see my text messages for a fraction of the cost of it… Yes it’s more than a timex watch but it’s less than a movado watch… About $600 less… All in, mine cost about $400 new from the Apple Store. It’s actually the second cheapest watch I own, my Buliva Accutron being a $300 watch and once again, it’s not a smart watch….

    So it’s price point is very reasonable.

    All I can say is give it a try, your definately going to get a very accurate time piece that does some pretty neat things dealing with your phone, that’s for sure but you also might get a really nice piece of tech that will allow you to keep your phone in your pants while still doing a multiple amount of tasks right from your wrist.

    It’s not for everyone, and with any idea some people just won’t ever get the concept but for those of you who do, you really won’t regret it.

  10. Zen777 says:

    They’re seriously bringing out another Apple Watch?

    Surely everyone who bought one last time has learned their lesson.

    1. xToddrick says:

      Mine proves it worth every day.

    2. Dana W says:

      I’ve learned I like it. What was I going to do? buy a Fitbit?

    3. Tad Bootle says:

      i learned not to buy another.

    4. kindrice says:

      wondering how you can just assume that all people don’t like the apple watch.

      1. Dana W says:

        I can guess its “Apple sux lols?”

  11. benobro says:


    1. xToddrick says:

      Round is illogical for a smart watch. Waterproof would be nice.

  12. shashibiya says:

    A camera on the Watch is about as desirable and useless as an a-hole on your elbow. Do you think anyone on the receiving end is really going to relish looking up someone’s nose? I second the commentator who sussed this as being by someone who has had little or no actual experience with Apple Watch.

  13. James says:

    I think the shape issue may disappear if Apple resorts to holographic displays (e.g. Ostendo displays). The watch shape could then vary, but the projector could remain square to maximize screen real estate.

  14. Kas says:

    Gear S2 😀

  15. Veraxus says:

    Make it waterproof and give it at least 48 hours of juice during normal usage (and enough juice to track typical biometrics, like heartrate, during an average-length 5K), and it’ll be worth finally replacing my Fitbit Surge. Until then, it’s too much novelty and not enough practicality.

    1. Kieran says:

      Not for nothing but I have the Surge and HR is crap not that I’d get the Apple Watch as it lacks GPS and costs twice as much as Surge. Garmin 225 edges out the Fitbit for now but lacks an altimeter and smart notifications, the Vivoactive would be ideal but lacks optical HR. Waiting for Fenix with built in HR, that will be Nirvana.

  16. Scott S says:

    Was looking for WATERPROOFING as #1…but it’s not even on the list??

  17. Skylar Russell Norris says:

    The ONLY problem I had with the Apple Watch (and the reason I returned mine) was that the speaker wasn’t loud enough. I don’t make a habit of talking on speaker phone in public, but I am at stay at home mom of a toddler and an infant and it would have been so nice to be able to answer the phone on my wrist while at home chasing a toddler or changing diapers. I tried several times but I couldn’t continue with what I was doing. I had to stop and hold my wrist up to my ear to hear which defeats the purpose.

  18. Zen777 says:

    Ugly, Pointless Rip-Off Part 2 – Return Of The Idiot Strap

    1. Dana W says:

      Nah, you are thinking of the Microsoft Band.

  19. BMc says:

    A list made by someone that doesn’t have the watch, I would say, nor put much thought into it. Android capability? A “less chunky” design – while anyone can argue their view on liking any design, I can say with experience the Apple Watch is not at all bigger than traditional watches. It is actually smaller than most mechanical watches, smaller than other smart watches, and certainly does not look at all large on the wrist.

    Better battery. Of course this is desired & hopefully improves in next generation. However, the statement that it ideally should require no charging, for a smart watch, is ridiculous. A better battery would first be used to support other sensors/hw (like the GPS mentioned), and other functionality (perhaps allowing a watch face to be always on, at least at some times, if desired). Daily charging is no difference than charging every 2 days, if you think about it (it requires a habit). Current battery life is better than expected – I usually have 40% of greater when it is taken off after 16 hours of use. IMO, faster charging would be more important than longer battery life.

    More storage? I would like to know what uses the author has with their current watch (except he doesn’t have one clearly) that needs more storage. More photos? Load up a movie?

    1. OtterMutt says:

      try not to get so upset.

  20. RiM. says:


    1. Idiote says:

      So many people complain about this issue. It is water resistant, but who the fuck pays 600-1500 (2nd class watches) for a watch that is vulnerable to water? Every aspect of the 2nd class watches in terms of build is good, you could take a rock to it, destroy the watch while the screen stays in tact. But no waterproof? Too much novelty and not enough practicality.

  21. Mamila Panzon says:

    What about 5 ATM?!

  22. Joshua Camuso says:

    I believe the one thing it has to have in order to live up to what it seems to want to be is a GPS… I would love to be able to put on a set of bluetooth headphones and the watch and go for a run and not have to have a huge phone on me the whole time.

  23. kyle says:

    This is pretty silly. No android watch supports apple, so no apple watch will support android. It has always been like that, and it will be for a while. I own the original apple watch, and I can say it is fine. I use it 2 days and then charge it, and I make calls on it. You want them to pack more stuff into this tiny watch, but then make it cheaper? That seems quite insane thinking about the engineering that went into this. A reply to another comment, Steve Jobs was their marketer/sales manager. Steve Jobs didn’t invent the products, nor engineer/design them. Since he was in charge of all the marketing, everyone gave him credit for what the thousands of workers in that apple building are working on. This watch is perfect if you are active, and you need to read notifications quickly, or answer calls quickly. Also good for screening your emails. It’s a very helpful tool for photography since it gives you a live view. You can hold the phone up in the glaring sun, and take a good picture because you are monitoring it on your watch. I think this list is too far fetched though. If there is one thing you missed, it would be thickness. The watch should be larger in size, but thinner. More memory would be nice, and more settings to improve battery life. The interface is fine, it’s better to keep the fingers off the screen, and makes things faster when you get use to it. I don’t think “more flicks” would improve the Interface.

  24. Hecman says:

    It’s just another prototype made with the costumers money, just as google glass..
    I think that if i had to charge a device daily like a cellphone, then… it should be another better cellphone, i will buy a smartwatch when i could make calls with it without the need of anything else.
    Apple is coming back to the times when selling is more important than creating truly exceptional products, but this time Steve Jobs will not return to save them…

  25. sobriquet says:

    Enough space for all our tunes? How far are you running that 2GB isn’t going to be enough? You just need decent sync management. While listening to music is ostensibly a positive of Android Wear over the Apple Watch, the sync management is worse than atrocious. That said, iTunes doesn’t have the best history there either. Because iTunes is itself atrocious.

  26. t_uk says:

    That’s a long list of deficiencies and shortcomings … tell me again what’s so good about this watch for the price being asked for it?

    1. Joshua Camuso says:

      wouldn’t you say the same thing about the original iPhone compared to where it stands today… you gotta start somewhere

    2. marcyff2 says:

      Or the reason Android users should want one?

  27. Jack Hodges says:

    No mention of waterproofness? You mention GPS for sports enthusiasts but no self-respecting sports enthusiast will want to wear a device that isn’t waterproof at least to rain and showers (for me, add swimming). But its not even on your list.

    1. Anthony S says:

      I went water skiing to Lake Powell late last summer. One of the dudes I went with jumped in the lake constantly with his Apple Watch. Didn’t effect it at all. From what I’ve read, it is waterproof, but the more you do it the faster the water will break down the seals and take out the inside. But as I said. Jumping into the lake didn’t effect his at all.

    2. sobriquet says:

      I thought it was waterproof in rain and showers. Didn’t it do pretty well while swimming too, in a real life test (if not in certification).

      1. Jack Hodges says:

        Can you point to the reference you mention? I’d be interested in reading it. I have, since making that comment, heard ad hoc stories of it surviving the shower.

        1. sobriquet says:

          This has various bits in, including a link to Apple’s own product page for the official word:

          This one including a link to the dude who went swimming in one:


          1. Jack Hodges says:

            I looked at those links. Thank you. It is certainly encouraging. I never saw, earlier, that Apple was stipulating an IPX7 rating. The videos for swimming and jumping, and pressure testing are great adhoc tests but I would want to have someone dismantle the watch and report on whether there was any measurable moisture inside. I am hoping that the Apple Watch will become available in a form guaranteed to work for swimming in fresh or salt water. But I am certainly encouraged by these findings and appreciate your providing them.

          2. sobriquet says:

            Yeah, the swimming ones were very unscientific. I guess you can’t actually expect any more than the IP rating. Anyway, no worries!

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