AMD’s Ryzen benchmarks get leaked and they’re jaw-dropping


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  1. Cole says:

    Sweet about the CPU benchmarks. Finally AMD can compete with Intel. IDK what’s up with the gaming though.

    1. Connor says:

      My guess is that they favour single core performance, and it’s clocked down at the moment, which is why games are affected, but benchmarks are better for multicore stuff. I’m sure it’ll be fine after release.

      1. drakeconwell says:

        I agree fully. That person that leaked it has a possibility of having an older chip, and they said it scales with how cool the chip is. On liquid cooling it has a chance to reach 4Ghz and checkmate Intel. If not, I still like the ideas they put into it.

  2. tachyonzero says:

    “However, the bugs and/or lack of optimisation, and the constrained clock speeds are likely to have had a bigger impact here. A lot of the gaming potential of Ryzen will also depend on exactly how well it overclocks, too.”

    Oh come on, you are throwing fish bait on an ocean that you haven’t seen it yet. Gaming potential?! you mean gaming performance because this it not your typical celery processor you dip it with your ketchup.

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