Amazon Kindle Oasis review: First class reader, first class price


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  1. Rui Ning Wang says:

    what bothers me the most is the big amazon logo on the front cover… and they managed to stick their logo again two more times inside the cover and on the back of the reader (although that is less bothersome)

  2. pbryd says:

    I’d hope they use some of the newer smaller tech in this to trim down the size and weight of the paperwhite’s bezels.

  3. Small Camel says:

    So this isn’t for those of us that hate leather or is there a non leather version coming?

    1. Rui Ning Wang says:

      Good point. A great potion of people willing to shell 300 bucks for a e-reader are probably also vegan.

  4. Wozn2 says:

    £269. Who asked for this?

    My experience of Kindles is that you should treat them as disposable. I’m on my third device in under 8 years due to device failure (a screen and a battery).

    1. TovAreJacobsen says:

      £269 is about the same as an evening of fine dining … and that goes down the toilet a few hours later :-)

      1. Wozn2 says:

        If a restaurant opened up next door to the first one (let’s call it “Café Voyage”) with the same chef, the same ingredients and only slightly different tables and chairs, would you really pay twice as much to dine there?

      2. baconcow says:

        Takes more than just a few hours (generally 1-3 days) for the food portion of your fine dining to make its way to the toilet.

    2. pbryd says:

      I’d have to agree, there seems to be a large number of used kindles with faulty screens. Amazon could tempt people to buy or upgrade with a longer than 12 months guarantee.

  5. MeAgain says:

    £270 for an e-reader? You are having a giraffe. The whole point of these things is to try and get you to buy a Prime subscription and repeat content. Sorry Amazon, but I’m not dropping enough cash to buy a mid-range tablet for a slightly lighter Paperwhite. I’m hard-pushed enough as it is to justify spending £100 on a Paperwhite when I’ve already got a Touch.

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